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If you have hair system clients, you’ve probably seen your fair share of issues with hair tapes. Think about it, putting tape on the scalp or hair system is not the smoothest or even surface to work with. There can be issues getting the tape for hair to stick just right without wrinkling or crinkling up—among other common mishaps. 

Don’t worry, these are all issues that can be easily addressed! With proper storage and application techniques, you can say goodbye to pesky hair tape problems and hello to perfectly applied hair tape for your hair system clientele. Once you’ve picked the best hair tape for your client, the next step is to ensure you’ve got a smooth application process ahead!  

Tackling Tape for Hair Issues Head On 

We can picture it now—you’ve got a client coming in ready and excited to have their hairpiece applied for a whole new look. But the hair taping is simply not cooperating, and you’re having issues smoothing and securing the hair system. Instead of struggling with troublesome hair tape, learn how to treat and prevent these problems from happening in the first place (and before you have a client sitting in your chair hoping for the best.) 

Here are some common issues you might run into with tape for hair (and how to solve them!)  

Problem #1: Changes in Hair Tapes Consistency or Quality 

These issues can include clumpy softened tape or stiff hardened tape. Other times you might notice brittleness to the tape and see that it doesn’t last as long as it should. What could be the problem here? There are two things to consider when your tape has seen better days. 

First is how you store your hair tape. Heat, cold, moisture, dryness, dust, and oils can affect hair tape. Because of this, it’s crucial to properly store your hair tape in a dry, well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. Ensure the hair tape is not exposed to extreme temperatures. Storing tape for hair in an environment that ranges from 60°F-80°F is ideal. 

Second, you’ll want to keep tabs on the expiration dates of your hair tapes. Yes, they do expire eventually! When they reach that timeframe, that’s when you’ll start to notice a decrease in their effectiveness and ability to hold. If your hair tapes don’t have an expiration date listed on the packaging, this is where you will have to do your own inventory bookkeeping and mark dates on your tapes. As a general guide, most tape will work its best up to a year after its purchase date.   

Problem #2: Hair Tape is Not Adhering to the Scalp or Hair System 

When tape for hair isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do (stick, that is), we have a problem! Sometimes the surfaces we’re working with, including the hair system, scalp, and skin, aren’t as clean as they need to be for hair tape to work its magic. Always make sure to wash your client’s hair and clean their scalp before application. Any leftover product, dust, dirt, or oil on your client’s scalp or hair system base will affect the hair tape’s effectiveness.  

After you’ve properly prepped the scalp and hair system for application, make sure you’re using the right hair tape for the hair system base. You’ll also want to do a patch test on your client’s skin to find the best hair tape for their skin type. Any irritation or allergies will result in a not-so-pleasant hair tape experience.  

Problem #3: Client Comes to You After Their Hair System Tape Fails 

This is one issue you definitely want to avoid at all costs with hair taping. An unhappy hair system client is one too many. You know you’ve done your due diligence with proper storage and application. Now it’s time to ask your client some questions about how they’ve been treating their newly applied hair system.  

Hair tapes need some time to form those strong bonds. We recommend advising your clients not to shower, exercise, or swim with their hair system in place until 24 hours have passed—at least. It’s important to give the tape enough time to set before it can withstand the extra moisture and activity. Even after the 24-hour mark, it's best to use a swim cap or avoid getting the tape for hair wet with chlorinated or salt water. 

Solve Hair Tapes Problems with Quality Products 

When it comes down to it, the quality of hair tape makes or breaks the application process. If you go with a lower-quality brand, you’re risking more tape for hair issues than you want to deal with. Luckily, Sunshine Tape Products has you covered with high-performance tape that won’t let you or your clients down (check out our must-have top tapes list.) Head to our website to take a look at all of our hair tapes, and place your order today!