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As a professional barber or hairstylist, your clients are counting on you to know which kind ofhairpiece tape to recommend to your clients. Not all hair replacement systems work for all clients, and the same goes forhair tapes.

You’ll want to use the proper tape rolls orwig tape strips to ensure a lasting hold – and avoid anyhairpiece tape mishaps that will cause an issue for your client or their hair system. The wrongtoupee tape can cause damage to the hairpiece, compromise the hold, and leave you with one very unhappy client! 

Today, we’re highlighting the main types of hair systems and which of our Sunshine Tapes fit best with each base!

Lace Base Hair Systems 

A lace base wig or toupee hair system is made of synthetic or human hair tied to a lightweight lace base. These types of hair systems have lots of benefits and are the most popular for good reasons, including: 

  • Breathable base
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Nearly invisible hairline
  • More natural-looking result 

Our Lace BaseHair Tape Recommendations 

Sunshine Lace Front Hold

Lace Front Hold Tape 

Though this tape roll appears blue, it’s just the signature liner of our Lace Front Hold Tape! The tape itself is clear, with a dull, non-shiny finish that offers a nearly invisible wear on lace base hair systems. Thistoupee tapehas a long hold, lasting from 2 to 4 weeks, so it’s a great extended wear option for your clients as well.

(Comparable: Walker's Lace Front Support®) 

Sunshine Super Lace Tape

Super Lace Tape

Looking for versatility? Super Lace Tape works for touch-up jobs or full hair replacement. With a clear and high tack, the final look and feel gives your clients flawless, natural-looking results. This hypoallergenic hair tape offers a hold time of 2 to 3 weeks, and provides a strong hold and comfortable wear.

Polyurethane Base Hair Systems 

Polyurethane systems (or skin base hair systems) are designed to blend in with your client’s skin. They’re made from skin-like rubber and can be customized to match various skin tones. The clear polyurethane material ensures a natural look. Clients love these hair systems because they:

  • Are lightweight and comfortable
  • Seamlessly cover hair loss and thinning areas
  • Are perfect for virtually any scalp
  • Provide long-term, durable wear for up to a month

Our Skin BaseHair Tape Recommendations 

Sunshine 1522 Tape

1522 Tape

1522 Tape is one of the most popular daily wear tapes and is perfect for clients with allergies or sensitive skin. This hair tape lined withhypoallergenic adhesive is waterproof and nontoxic. The max hold time is up to a week, but it can be used as a daily wear tape, too. Even better, there’s no need to worry about sticky residue when removed, making cleanup easy!

(Comparable: Walker's 1522® and Vapon's Topstick toupee tape®) 

Sunshine Liberty Red

Liberty Red Tape 

Thishair tapeis specifically designed for poly bases and anyone looking for daily wear tape. Our Liberty Red Tape offers a non-aggressive tack without the messy cleanup after removal (now that’s a win for clients AND barbers). With tape roll andtoupee tape strips options, Liberty Red is a versatile mid-extended wear adhesive, offering up to 2 weeks of wear.

(Comparable: Walker's Sensi-Tak®) 

Monofilament Base Hair Systems 

Monofilament units are an excellent alternative for clients who want a more cost-effective option that’s similar to full lace systems. The honeycomb-like structure allows heat to escape and makes for a comfortable wear, even in warmer weather. A few reasons clients choose this hair system:


  • Breathability and durability
  • Unique blend of polyester or nylon
  • Less expensive than lace bases
  • Works well for sensitive scalps 

Our Monofilament Base Hair Tape Recommendations 

Sunshine Hyper Hold Tape

Hyper Hold Tape

This tape offers a long-lasting bond with extra stretch and flexibility and is a great low-maintenance option. Our Hyper Hold Tape has a dull finish that makeshair tape lines unnoticeable under the hair system. The maximum wear of this tape lasts an amazing 4 to 6 weeks.  Because of its aggressive hold, it can leave a heavy residue when removed, so you’ll always want to have our Sunshine removers handy.

(Comparable: Walker's No Shine®) 

Sunshine Quick Aggressive Tape

Quick Aggressive Tape

This hair tape is often compared to 1522 Tape; however, it's a bit more versatile. Our Quick Aggressive Tape is flexible and durable, making the application process a breeze. With this tape, you can expect a hold that lasts from 1 to 2 weeks and an easy cleanup.

(Comparable: Walker's SuperStick®)

High-Quality Hair Tape from Sunshine Tape

Keep your clients happy with the best hair tape for their preferred hair system, whether it’s alace, polyurethane, or monofilament base. Sunshine Tape products come in a wide variety oftoupee tapes, liquid adhesives, and removers to ensure the perfect fit for every client. With Sunshine Tape, your salon or barbershop can confidently provide the best possible care for your clients.

Browse our selection of hair tapes for all hair systems, and don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our market-leading products and minimum order quantities!