About Us


Since 1987, Sunshine Products has been making affordable and reliable products in the hair replacement industry all over the world. At every level of our business, we are committed to being reliable, direct and affordable. Most of all, we put our customers first. All of our customers deserve the best price on the market. That’s why we do NOT have price tiers. Our products don’t need gimmicky names. Our products say what they do and do what they say. Other companies say they’ll cover shipping if they ship your order late. We don’t operate in a world where our customers should root for us to fail at our job. We know our customers rely on us to keep their business running so we deliver on time. Every time. Sunshine Products is as reliable as the sun rising every morning. That’s our commitment.


Sunshine Products provides licensed Barbers, Stylists, Salons, Studios and Centers with the highest quality tape, adhesives, removers and haircare products in the industry.
With a no-nonsense attitude, we consistently meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and ensure they have what they need to run a successful business. Besides our core Hair Replacement Supplies business, we also produce tapes, adhesives and solvents for wholesalers, factories, and private label brands.
For more information on those services please email us at info@sunshinetape.com