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Most new years start with promises and resolutions to do better and be better. Whether your goal is to bring in new customers or improve your existing customers’ confidence in 2022, Sunshine Tape Products has you covered. Since 1987, we’ve provided licensed stylists, barbers,  and salons with affordable, reliable, high-quality hair replacement products

If your clients wear wigs or toupee hair to help disguise thinning hair or bald spots, they need your expertise to maintain a natural appearance. To create the best looks, you need to use the best products. Here are the top products you need for better toupee applications in 2022.

Toupee Hair Preparation

Proper scalp preparation is vital to the toupee application process.

Sunshine Products Skin Prep 

Our Sunshine Skin Prep is the first step to creating a strong and durable bond between the scalp and the hairpiece. It coats the scalp with a protective waterproof layer, effectively preventing irritation from tapes and liquid adhesives. Want the secret to long-lasting toupee applications in 2022? Sunshine Skin Prep is the answer.

Toupee Tapes and Contours

Whether you prefer toupee tapes or liquid adhesives for applications, Sunshine Tape has multiple lines to get the job done and done perfectly. At Sunshine Tape Products, we have a tape roll for every hair system style and desired length of wear. While all of our men’s toupee tape is of the highest quality, these are our three favorite picks for 2022.

Sunshine Tape Hyper Hold

Hyper Hold Tape

This stretchy and flexible tape is considered the most aggressive toupee and wig tape on the market. Combining that strength and flexibility with Hyper Hold’s long-lasting bond of four to six weeks is what makes this the top-rated product the best of its kind. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, long-lasting tape for all base types, this is it.

Sunshine Tape Blue Hole Punch

Blue Hole Punch Tape

Even though Blue Hole Punch Tape has a slightly shorter hold time (two to four weeks), ideal for more delicate hair systems, it’s still a powerful and noteworthy adhesive. It holds the hairpiece in place so your client can relax knowing their toupee hair is secure. (No gusts of wind will reveal their secret.)

Sunshine Tape 1522 Tape

1522 Tape

This hypoallergenic medical-grade wig and toupee tape is an industry favorite for daily wear (one to seven days), allowing for easier removal of the hairpiece. 1522 Tape is noticeably less gummy and tacky than other tapes. 


Liquid Adhesives

If your customers prefer a liquid adhesive to men’s toupee tape, Sunshine Tape offers some of the best skin-safe acrylic adhesives available. Here are some of our favorite liquid adhesive products.

Sunshine Tape Skin Safe Acrylic Adhesive

Sunshine Skin Safe Acrylic Adhesive

Sunshine Skin Safe Acrylic - Maximum Wear provides the security of a solid bond without the harsh ingredients. This adhesive lasts three to five weeks and is one of the top-rated acrylics for maximum wear.

Sunshine Tape Silicone Elite Maximum Wear

Sunshine Silicone Elite

A thinner version of our Maximum Wear acrylic adhesive, Sunshine Silicone Elite Extended Wear Liquid is a medical-grade liquid adhesive with a consistent three- to four-week hold. Silicone Elite is best for: 

  • Lace bases
  • Skin bases
  • Poly perimeters on monofilament or lace bases

Sunshine Skin Safe Acrylic Daily Wear

Sunshine Skin Safe Acrylic Adhesive Daily Wear

Made for daily wear, Sunshine Skin Safe Daily Wear liquid toupee and wig adhesive offers a bond of one to fourteen days. It dries clear and is easy to clean, making it ideal for touch-ups or wearing a hairpiece for only a few days.

Toupee Adhesive Removers

Though we know you’ll make it look like your client has a natural, full head of hair, maintenance and removal are inevitable. These are our favorite products to keep your client’s hairpiece looking fresh and natural with each reapplication.

Sunshine Citrosol Remover


The perfect combination of citrus and oil, our newest Sunshine Adhesive Remover safely and effectively removes all glue types, from maximum to daily wear hold. Your clients will love the scent and love the results.

Sunshine Alcohol Remover

Sunshine Tape Alcohol Remover

Last, but certainly not to be overlooked for 2022, our alcohol-based remover does more than just remove adhesives from lace and poly perimeters. It’s also an excellent choice for cleaning the scalp to promote a secure bond before attaching a toupee or wig.

The Best Toupee Application Products Start with Sunshine Tape Products

Do you know how to apply the perfect toupee tape or liquid adhesive? It starts and ends with Sunshine Tape.


Make your clients’ hair resolutions come true in the new year with the strongest and most reliable prep solution, toupee tapes, liquid adhesives, and removers on the market. Explore our website and contact us today to add some Sunshine to your wig and toupee hair applications.