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Whether your client is just starting their toupee hairpiece journey, or they’ve been wearing one for years, they might wonder if they can work out, exercise, and sweat while wearing their toupee. The answer is YES! But the type of toupee tape or adhesive makes all the difference.


Knowing the right type of adhesive to apply to toupee hairpieces and wigs will give your clients a strong hold and the confidence needed to live their lives to the fullest (workouts included) in their new hairstyle.

Tips for Working Out While Wearing Toupee Hairpieces

Wearing a toupee during an extra sweaty workout session can cause your client unnecessary stress, especially if they’re worried about getting overheated, whether their hairpiece will stay put, or having to wash it more often.


Just because your client wears a toupee hairpiece doesn’t mean they have to give up working out and being active. In fact, they can still maintain their daily routine with just a few simple tips: 

For Daily Wear Toupees

  1. Wear an older hairpiece to avoid messing up their favorites.
  2. If your client is super active, they may want to consider wearing a synthetic toupee hairpiece. It’s less affected by sweat than a toupee made with natural hair, and it retains its style better.
  3. Use dry shampoo to mask odors and help maintain the style of the hairpiece. Thoroughly wash it once or twice a week.
  4. Getting sweaty during a good workout can be unavoidable but wearing a toupee can amp the heat up even more.Your clients may want to consider wearing a toupee cap to help absorb sweat, dirt, and oils before they reach the hair system.


For Extended Wear Toupees

  1. Recommend lace bases to your active clients for better breathability.
  2. Clients should use dry shampoo to absorb oils and sweat in between washes.
  3. Always use adhesives that are known for their secure bond during toupee applications.
  4. Choose extended or maximum-wear application toupee glues that are medical-grade and hypoallergenic to avoid scalp irritation on active, more sweat-prone scalps.


All of these tips can help your clients keep their cool (literally and figuratively!) and alleviate stress, whether they’re afraid their hairpiece will come loose during a workout, or they’ll ruin their best toupees by sweating in them.


Regardless of which style of hair system your clients choose, the best tip for working out in a toupee is to use the right high-quality toupee adhesive to start. Sunshine Tape Products has some of the most reliable and affordable adhesives on the market for your active clients.


Best Toupee and Wig Adhesives for Active People

At Sunshine Tape Products, we pride ourselves on providing the best high-quality toupee and wig adhesives for all lifestyles. Whether your clients wear a hairpiece for medical reasons, confidence, or just for fun, everyone has the right to feel good about themselves and how they look.


Creating successful applications and knowing about the best products for your clients’ lifestyles will go a long way in retaining existing clients and gaining new ones. From daily wear to extended wear and maximum wear, we have the products that work best for your clients. Here are our favorite products for active clients.

Sunshine Silicone Elite Maximum Wear

Sunshine Silicone Elite – Maximum Wear

One of the strongest liquid adhesives on the market, our customers don’t mind paying a premium for this product because of its high-quality medical-grade hold. Sunshine Silicone Elite Maximum Wear liquid toupee and wig adhesive firmly bonds lace bases, skin bases, and poly perimeters on lace or monofilament bases to the scalp.


Depending on your client’s lifestyle, environment, and body chemistry, this product can last up to five weeks, giving your clients the confidence they need to work out vigorously without fear of losing their toupee hairpiece. 

Sunshine Skin Safe Acrylic Adhesive

Sunshine Skin Safe Acrylic Adhesive – Maximum Wear

We offer one of the best skin-safe hypoallergenic acrylic adhesives on the market: the clear Sunshine Skin Safe Maximum Wear Acrylic Adhesive. The vigorous hold on this product can last anywhere from three to five weeks, providing your clients with a non-irritating, stress-free bond that can easily withstand trips to the gym or neighborhood runs after work.

Sunshine Skin Safe White Glue

Sunshine Skin Safe White Glue – Extended Wear

Formulated for oily scalps, high humidity, and heavy perspiration, Sunshine Skin Safe White Glue Extended Wear is a powerful, water-based white toupee glue that has a no-mess, easy application and dries with a clear, natural-looking, invisible finish.


With a long-lasting hold of three to five weeks, this product is ideal for lace bases and skin and poly perimeters on lace or monofilament bases. You can confidently use this product on your clients, knowing it will hold through their sweatiest workouts. 

Get The Most Reliable Hold for Your Clients with Sunshine Tape Products

Do your clients want to get their sweat on without worrying about a toupee slip-up (or slip-down, should we say)? The type of application products you use on your clients makes all the difference.


Whether your client needs toupee glue or adhesives, high-quality toupee and wig tape, removers, or other hair system care products, Sunshine Tape Products has them all. We believe our customers deserve the best hairpiece products on the market. By offering our products to your clients, you exceed their expectations and build your reputation as a reliable source for all their hair and hair system needs. Contact us today to learn more about stocking Sunshine Tape Products in your salon or shop.