Summer is officially here, with vacations coming up and plenty of days spent by the beach or pool. If you’re a stylist or barber with men’s hair system clients, they might ask, “Can you swim with a hair system?” The short answer is yes (with some precautions and tips to keep in mind!). 

First, our hair system experts at Sunshine Tape will answer the question about swimming while wearing a hairpiece in more detail. Then we’ll get into swim hair care tips to keep their hairpiece looking its best this summer. Your clients will be forever grateful for your advice to ensure they can swim without worrying about any mishaps. Now, let’s dive in!  

Can You Swim With a Hair System? 

When the temperature rises, your hair system clients will be eager to cool off by taking a dip in the pool or ocean. However, is it okay for them to swim while wearing a hairpiece? While the answer is yes, here’s the thing: no matter which way you look at it, chlorine and salt water can affect hairpieces (and not in a good way!). There’s also the concern that the toupee might come off when swimming.  

While they can swim with their hairpiece, they must properly prep for it and take certain precautions. It’s also important to take special care of the hair system after swimming. So, you’ll need to guide them in the right direction with your expertise. If you’re looking for some pro swim hair care tips and tricks, we’ve got them up next!   

Swim Hair Care Tips and Tricks for Hairpieces  

Tell your clients not to worry—their summer plans won’t be ruined by wearing a hairpiece they can’t swim in. If they take proper care of their hair system before and after their swim, they’ll have the best results. The goal is to be able to do all of your regular activities (including swimming!) without a problem while wearing a hair system. 

Here’s how your client can ensure the best hair system swim experience:  

Apply Waterproof Adhesives 

Using a waterproof adhesive is the first essential step to ensuring your client’s hairpiece stays in place when swimming. The last thing your client wants to worry about is their toupee falling off in the pool! Explore options for waterproof adhesives to make sure their hair system stays put when they go swimming.   

Ensure the Hair System is Secure 

Before your client dives in, they should always check to see how secure their hairpiece is. Using a strong bond adhesive (which also affects how long can you wear a toupee) can help keep those hair systems in place when swimming. Advise them to double-check their hair system for any looseness before swimming and apply extra hair tape or liquid adhesive to secure it as needed.   

Protect Hair with a Swim Cap 

If your clients are worried about damaging their hair system from swimming, we recommend they wear a swim cap. This is especially useful for your active clients who swim frequently or participate in water sports. Swim caps will allow your client to have peace of mind this summer swimming while wearing a hairpiece.  

Use a Spare Toupee for Swimming 

We always recommend having two hair systems on hand, and this is especially useful if clients want to swim more often. That way, they can have their everyday toupee (which might be higher quality than their spare) and then use a second one for swimming and other activities. The backup toupee might not last as long, but having the second hair system for primary use means they’ll always have options.   

Rinse and Condition Hair After Swimming 

After swimming while wearing a hairpiece, your client needs to rinse the chlorine or salt water out as soon as possible. This is an important step that keeps their hairpiece long-lasting and looking its best. Then, advise them to gently wash the hair system with toupee-safe shampoo and use a moisturizing conditioner to replenish hydration. To extend the life of the toupee, it can also be beneficial to use a leave-in conditioner or deep-conditioning hair mask.  

For more summer hair care tips for toupees beyond swimming, check out our other blog here!  

Summer Essentials for Your Hairpiece Clients 

Summer days should be fun and carefree! Your client doesn’t want to worry about wearing a hairpiece while swimming and enjoying their time in the water. That’s where you’ll come in as their hair system stylist! Give them expert advice such as applying waterproof adhesives, ensuring the toupee is secure, wearing a swim cap, using a spare toupee, and always rinsing and conditioning after swimming. 

Now, all that’s left is to stock up on everything you need from Sunshine Tape for your clients’ hair systems. First, check out our hair tapes and adhesives, which ensure a strong hold for your clients when they want to go swimming. Next, make sure you have removers to go with it when it’s time to take off their hairpiece. Visit our website to shop all of our hair system essentials!