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Your hair system clients that use a toupee for men need reliable products. Hair tape is one of the most popular choices for maximum-wear adhesives. It’s versatile and long-lasting, so it only makes sense to stick with toupee tape! But what type of tape will work best for your clients seeking a longer wear time? Sunshine Tape products are ready to deliver the top toupee tape that won’t disappoint. Let’s get into the best options for long and strong hold!  

Which Toupee Tape Has the Strongest Hold? 

When you book a toupee client at your barber shop or salon, having the right products on hand for a successful application is essential. Some clients prefer daily wear, while others prefer extended and maximum-wear hair tapes. How long does a toupee last with maximum tape? We’ve rounded up our strongest tapes, so your clients can wear their toupee for two to four plus weeks. Stick with these tapes!  

Super Lace Tape  

If your client has a delicate lace base toupee, our Super Lace Tape is the perfect solution! Even though this toupee tape is ultra-strong, it’s still easy to dissolve with adhesive remover when your client is ready for a fresh toupee reapplication. Lace bases can be challenging to work with when trying to be extra careful not to damage the base. It’s aggressive while still being gentle enough for lace bases!  

This hypoallergenic tape is excellent for those with more sensitive skin. It also is made with medical-grade materials that provide an exceptionally high tack. If your client is curious how long toupee last with this tape, they can expect it to last anywhere from two to four plus weeks! This tape can also be used as a touch-up tape for lace systems. You’ll love the versatility of this top toupee tape for your clients! 

Hyper Hold Tape

If you’re looking for our most aggressive toupee tape, our Hyper Hold Tape will stick it out for weeks on end! Your clients can expect a hold time with this tape from three to four plus weeks. This tape is ideal for clients that use hair systems with lace or mesh bases since the application has a nice dull finish (making it nearly invisible under the unit!) Crafted with hypoallergenic materials, this tape is a solid choice for those clients with more sensitive skin.

With this long-lasting, low-maintenance tape, your client will enjoy ultimate comfort with its stretchy and flexible material. With an ultra-strong hold comes heavy residue when removing the tape. Though clients understand that having a tape that only needs to be removed about once a month, the clean-up process is understandable. Ensure you have a strong remover on hand to handle the tougher residue.

Lace Front Hold Tape 

Does your client have a toupee for men with a lace front base? Our Lace Front Hold Tape is made with a matte finish giving a dull and non-shiny effect (perfect for keeping a low profile with this tape!) Although the liner of this tape roll is blue, the tape is transparent. This way, your clients can enjoy a virtually invisible toupee tape application.  

The wear time for this maximum wear tape is from two to four weeks. With tape that lasts this long, designing it with bacteria control and odorless properties was a top priority (ideal for active clients!) When using our Lace Front Hold Tape, your clients can wear their hair systems for longer in between re-applications. You can’t go wrong choosing this top toupee tape! 

Only Use the Best Toupee Tape for Maximum Wear 

Are you stocked up on the top toupee tape you need? Your hair system clients will appreciate having various maximum wear options available to them. Each one of these hair tapes offers unique qualities and benefits.  

No matter which one you choose for your clients, ensure it’s the best fit for their hair needs. Sunshine Tape has everything you need for a flawless hair system application. From toupee tape to liquid adhesives and removers, shop our online store and find everything you need right here!