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What sticks must come unstuck! When your clients use toupee glue, hair tape, and double sided toupee tape, you’ll need a line-up of effective glue and hair tape removers on hand. You can’t have one without the other. Your clients deserve the best service with high-quality products that work together in perfect formulation harmony.  

It’s time to restock your toupee glue and hair tape removers in your salon or barber shop to ensure you’re prepared to take care of your hair system clients. Use our guide to choose the best adhesive removers you can find on the market!  

Sunshine Tape’s Guide to Hair System Adhesive Removers 

After being in business for over 35 years, we’ve learned a thing or two at Sunshine Tape HQ about what sticks and what doesn’t (and how to remove those adhesives effectively!) We needed removers that were versatile and suitable for all types of hair systems and clients. These removers pair perfectly with our top-of-the-line hair tape, double sided toupee tape, and toupee glue.   

Sunshine Oil Solvent 

Are you searching for a gentle oil-based remover for your clients? Sunshine Oil Solvent hair tape remover is excellent for delicate systems such as lace-based and polyurethane. It’s ideal for clients looking for an alternative to alcohol hair tape and toupee glue remover. Oil-based solvents work quickly to break down the adhesive on your client’s glued on toupee with ease. Our formula also allows for an easy clean-up and quick dry time.  

Sunshine Alcohol Remover  

If your client has a lace or monofilament base hair system, our Sunshine Alcohol Remover is the way to go! Your clients will enjoy an easy clean-up with no residue left behind on their scalp or glued on toupee. Alcohol removers can sometimes take a bit longer to break down hair tape and toupee glue than oil-based removers, but clean-up is faster without having to rinse out any excess oil left behind. Since hair tape remover made with alcohol evaporates after removal, it’s easy and mess-free! Alcohol remover is recommended for prepping and cleaning your client’s scalp before applying their hair system. Use it to ensure a secure hair system application with a clean slate to apply the toupee or wig.   

Sunshine Citr-O-Sol  

For the perfect combination of strength and comfort, go for our Sunshine Citr-O-Sol! This hair tape remover spray has just the right mix of citrus and oil to remove any type of hair tape or toupee glue. This remover solvent gently removes all hair system adhesives without any harsh effects on the scalp or hairpiece. 

Sunshine Citrus Cleaner 

When you need a heavy-duty remover, look no further than our Sunshine Citrus Cleaner! This powerful citrus cleaner is no match for extended wear bonds. Our formula is fast-acting and ultra-effective. Out of all our hair tape removers, this one is the strongest and effectively removes even the most aggressive hold hair tape and toupee glue. This cleaner works well with durable monofilament hair systems that can handle a little more strength. Delicate hair systems should not be soaked in cleaner for an extended period of time.

How to Use Hair Tape and Glue Remover 

If your client comes in to get their hair system removed, they expect to receive top-notch service. No residue should be left behind on your client’s scalp or hair system to ensure a long-lasting hold with re-application. The first step is choosing the right glue and hair tape remover (and having different types of removers ready for each client.) The second step is ensuring you know how to remove hair system adhesives properly. 

Here's how: 

  1.  Apply the adhesive remover and let it sit on your client’s scalp.  
  2. Give the remover enough time to soak in to make the removal part easier.  
  3. Use a microfiber towel to gently clean off any adhesive residue on your client’s scalp and hair system base.   
  4. Wash your client’s scalp with shampoo and water to remove any trace residue of hair tape and toupee glue adhesive or hair tape remover. 

Once you have the client’s hair system and scalp clean and dry, if they’re looking to reapply their hair system, you can use alcohol remover to prep the scalp (and spray a protective layer of skin prep!) 

Say Goodbye to Glued on Toupee Residue with Our Removers 

As a hair system specialist, the hair tape remover you use should be just as reliable as the hair tape and toupee glue for your clients. It’s all about having that process of hair system application and removal down to a science. The last thing you need are hair system products that fail and don’t do what they’re supposed to. With Sunshine Tape, you can ensure a clean and simple adhesive removal and application every time!  

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