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What creates the best possiblehair system experiencefor your clients? Prepping the scalp to ensure proper wig and toupee application!

Scalp prep, including a high-qualityscalp pre-wash, is the first step in creating a smooth base so your client’s hair system adhesives stay in place. With all thehair system types (even if you’re installing a hair system without shaving heads!), you have to putscalp prep at the top of your hair system application checklist.

Ready to get started? Let’s create a clean slate that’ll hold (and keep holding!) your clients’ wigs and toupees in place, starting with the scalp. 

Scalp Prep for All Hair System Types

Before startingscalp prep for your hair system client, you’ll need to gather a few supplies:

  • Adhesive remover, to get rid of any adhesive left behind on the scalp
  • Scalp pre-wash, to nourish, hydrate, and cleanse the scalp
  • Hair system shampoo,to wash the scalp, any natural hair, or hair system
  • Alcohol solvent,to saturate the scalp and get it ready for application
  • Skin prep spray,to create a protective waterproof layer on the scalp

Before using any products in your scalp preparsenal on your client’s scalp, ask if they’re allergic to any ingredients or have sensitive skin. You can always do askin patch test, too: It’s the best way to check for allergies to specific substances you’ll use for the hair system application. 

Step 1: Remove the Hair System Adhesive

Before you pick an adhesive remover, find out what type of hair system your client has and the adhesive they used to hold their wig or toupee in place.Different adhesive removers work best on differenthair system types and adhesives so don’t forget to ask!

We always recommend a fewadhesive removers. Depending on your client’s preference and skin type, you can use an alcohol-based or oil-based remover. Opt for a gentle solvent, like ourSunshine Oil Solvent orSunshine Citr-O-Sol, for more sensitive scalps. Or try a stronger solution, like ourSunshine Citrus Cleaner orSunshine Alcohol Remover, for more stubborn stuck-on adhesives.

Once you’ve landed on the right adhesive remover for your client, apply the solvent and let it sit on your client’s scalp. Give it enough time to soak in! Then, use a towel to clean off any leftover residue. (We recommend using a soft microfiber towel for this step!)

Step 2: Wash the Scalp 

Pro tip! Before you wash your client’s scalp, use a scalp pre-wash. Adding this extra step refreshes your client’s scalp. Ascalp pre-washis a pre-shampoo treatment––either an oil or a serum––that hydrates the scalp. You only need a small amount to massage into the scalp. Let it set according to thescalp pre-wash directions. (It’s usually around 10 to 15 minutes.) 

Next, wash your client’s scalp and any natural hair with a specially formulatedhair system shampoo (it’s safe to use on the hairpiece, too!) to get rid of any leftover adhesive or adhesive remover. You can also use an exfoliating glove to smooth out the scalp. Thoroughly dry your client’s scalp with a towel (or blow dryer, if they also have some natural hair) and use a razor to remove any stubble in the application area. 

Step 3: Prep the Skin for Application

Now that the skin is completely dry, you can use analcohol solvent to prepare the scalp for the wig or toupee application. Saturate the scalp where you plan to apply the hair system, and let it dry for a few minutes. The alcohol will remove any remaining dead skin cells and dry out any leftover moisture, ensuring a secure bond.

Next, use a skin prep spray, an alcohol-based liquid plastic that helps extend the hold time and protects against irritation. It also acts as a waterproof layer for the scalp. This step is crucial for clients who have oily skin, have an active lifestyle, or live in a humid climate because it prevents sweat, oil, and moisture from affecting the hair system adhesive. 

Use an application brush to apply a thin layer of skin prep directly to the scalp. Let it dry before you begin the wig or toupee application process. This finalscalp prepstep ensures your clients’ comfort and overall satisfaction with theirhair system experience.

Scalp Prep Like a Pro With Sunshine Tape

No matter whathair system types your clients use, properscalp prep(and a goodscalp pre-wash!) will make all the difference.Sunshine Tape offers all the top-quality adhesive removers and skin prep products you need for scalp prep!Create an account on our online store, and contact us with any questions.