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If your clients use wigs or toupee hairsystems, you always need to be sure you’re fully stocked with the best quality adhesive remover sprays.

Did you know accidental leftover residue can compromise the strength of newtoupee hairor a wig application? Investing in high-quality adhesive removers for your salon or shop is critical to effectively removing residue from old hair system applications and properly applying fresh ones. Whether you’re removing atoupee for men or a full wig for women, you’ll need the best adhesive removers to get rid of every last trace of residue.

Keep reading for our top tips for properly removing a hair system and our recommendations for top-ratedadhesive remover sprays that’ll make your job easier.

How to Remove Glued Wig orToupee Hair

Do you know how to remove adhesive residue properly? That extra strong hold can be tough to remove from your clients’ scalps if you don’t! 

When you remove a hair system, there’s almost always some residue left behind on the scalp and the hairpiece itself. If you don’t properly remove all the adhesive before starting a client’s new application, it’ll make it difficult to successfully reattach the hairpiece again.

Choosing the best adhesive removers is just one part of the process. First, you need to know how to use them the right way! An effective removal method will keep the scalp free of irritation andextend the life of the wig ortoupee hair.

Whether you’re working with women’s wigs or atoupee for men, here are a few tips to successfully yet gently remove adhesives:

  1. Apply the adhesive remover and let it sit on your client’s scalp.
  2. Give the remover enough time to soak in. (This makes removal much easier!) 
  3. Use a microfiber towel to clean off any adhesive residue on your client’s scalp and hairpiece. 
  4. Wash your client’s scalp with shampoo and water to remove any final bits of adhesive or adhesive remover.


How Long Does a Glued Toupee Last?

It depends! How long the hold lasts ontoupee hairsystems comes down to whether you use tape or liquid adhesive and the strength of the product.

For our  Sunshine Tape adhesive products, we have multiple tape and liquid adhesive options to choose from, each offering a different level of hold. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of how long the hold lasts with our adhesives. 

sunshine tape adhesives 

Sunshine Tape Adhesives

  • Maximum Wear: 4 to 6 weeks
  • Extended Wear: 1 to 2 weeks
  • Daily Wear: 1 to 7 days


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sunshine liquid adhesives 

Sunshine Liquid Adhesives

  • Maximum Wear: 4 to 5 weeks
  • Extended Wear: 3 to 5 weeks
  • Daily Wear: 1 to 14 days


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What Is the Best Adhesive Remover?

Not sure whichadhesive remover spray you should choose? AtSunshine Tape, we offer a variety of best-in-classhair system removers to meet all of your needs. 

sunshine alcohol remover collection 

Sunshine Alcohol Remover

Our go-toalcohol-based remover is the perfect solution for prepping and cleaning the scalp before wig ortoupee hair application if you want ensure a secure bond! For best results, use this remover with lace and poly perimeters on lace or monofilament bases.

PRO TIP: When figuring outhow to remove glue from a lace wig without alcohol, you can’t go wrong with our Sunshine Oil Solvent. (Featured next on our list!)

sunshine oil remover 

Sunshine Oil Solvent

Thisgentle oil-based adhesive works best on delicate systems, like skin and lace-based hair systems.Want to know how to remove glue from a lace wig without alcohol? It’s this! When removing the adhesive fromlace-based hair systems, our oil solvent is the perfect alternative if your client doesn’t want to use an alcohol-based remover!

sunshine citr-o-sol

Sunshine Citr-O-Sol

Count on thisnewadhesive remover spray for strength and comfort – and just the right blend of citrus and oil. This product effectively removes all types of glue without being too harsh on the wig,toupee hair system, or scalp. 

Sunshine Citrus Cleaner 

Sunshine Citrus Cleaner

Need a heavy-duty option?Sunshine Citrus Cleaner is our strongest adhesive cleaner, and you can use it on the scalp and hair systems, liketoupee hairand wigs. This formula is so effective, you don’t even need to soak delicate hair systems in the cleaner for an extended amount of time.

Use High-Quality Toupee Hair Adhesive Removers from Sunshine Tape

It’s important to only use high-quality adhesive removers for hair systems and scalps to ensure:

  • Strong holds
  • Long-lasting hair systems
  • Non-irritation of scalps

If you don’t, you also risk compromising the strength of your client’s newtoupee hair or a wig application – and make reattachment much more difficult.

Sunshine Tape products are proudly made in the U.S.A. with the highest-quality, medical-grade ingredients. Our priority is ensuring you have everything you need for successful applications and a successful business.

Add a little Sunshine to your clients’ hair systems.Contact us to place an order or learn more!