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Lace bases are one of the most popular hair replacement systems available. With a lace system, the natural human or synthetic hairs are tied onto a lightweight lace base. Toupee clients love this method of hair replacement system because:

  • The base is breathable and airy
  • The fabric is soft and comfortable
  • The hairline is nearly invisible
  • The final look is more natural


The Best Adhesives for Lace Bases

If your clients prefer toupees or wigs with lace bases, then you’ll always want to have the most effective adhesives on hand. Stock your barbershop or salon with these best-selling lace system adhesives:

Sunshine Tape Liquid Adhesives 

Liquid Adhesives

Sunshine Silicone Elite Maximum Wear

 A thin layer of this adhesive goes a long way. If you’re a fan of liquid adhesives, then you’ll be the biggest fan of  our Sunshine Silicone Elite Maximum Wear. Offering the ultimate hold, this adhesive bonds securely onto lace bases. Hold time can last anywhere from 4-5 weeks, depending on environmental conditions and client lifestyle.

Sunshine Skin Safe White Glue Daily Wear

This water-based adhesive provides daily wear magic. Sunshine Skin Safe White Glue Daily Wear is gentle on lace base hair systems and scalps. Clients, barbers, and salon owners love this adhesive for its hypoallergenic properties, no-mess clean-up, and light feel. If your clients prefer a daily or even shorter-term wear with a no-hassle removal, this is an ideal option.

Sunshine Tape Lace Base Tapes 

Toupee Tapes

Lace Front Hold

Yes, the paper’s blue but the tape’s see-through! Our Lace Front Hold toupee tape  offers a dull and nearly invisible finish for lace system applications. Lace Front is our own “Blue Liner,” an industry and client favorite. This tape roll can be cut to any length and is great for those seeking a longer hold of 2-4 weeks.

Super Lace Tape

Whether you’re looking to apply a tape touch up or a full hair replacement system, Super Lace Tape is a versatile choice. The tape itself is clear and high tack, leaving your clients happy with both the finished look and the feel. This adhesive gives your clients a hold time of 2-4 weeks and offers a strong, yet comfortable wear.


You have many choices when it comes to mastering the perfect application for lace bases. To choose the best one for your clients, it’s important to factor in environmental surroundings, scalp sensitivity, and client lifestyle.

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