Have you unleashed the power of Sunshine Tape’s silicone adhesives for your clients’ hair replacement applications? If not, you're missing out!


Silicone toupee adhesives truly do it all. They are strong enough to withstand active lifestyles yet gentle enough to adhere to even the most sensitive skin.


The application process for liquid silicone adhesives is simple. Always follow the order below:


Step 1: Prepare the scalp using 99% alcohol. For those with sensitive skin, consider also applying a gentle skin prep.
Step 2: Use the liquid adhesive brush to apply a thin, even coat directly onto the scalp.

Step 3: Blow-dry the adhesive until tacky. 
Step 4: For maximum hold, repeat steps 2 and 3 once more. Then, press the hair system onto the scalp and hold firmly for 10 seconds. 


You’ll love the flexible, invisible bonding that won’t damage the skin or hair system during application, wear, and removal. Explore our Sunshine Tape Silicone Adhesive product line below!

Sunshine Tape Silicone Elite Maximum Wear 

Sunshine Silicone Elite - Maximum Wear

Meet Sunshine Silicone Elite Maximum Wear, our strongest silicone adhesive and one of the most powerful toupee and wig adhesive options on the market. You can count on up to five weeks of hold when this product is properly applied. Sweat, grease, humidity, and frequent activity are no match for this product. Feel confident knowing your skin bases, lace bases, and poly perimeters will have the best hold possible with this liquid magic.

Sunshine Tape Silicone Elite Extended Wear 

Sunshine Silicone Elite - Extended Wear

Looking for impressive strength in a lighter product? The Sunshine Silicone Elite Extended Wear Liquid just might be what you’ve been missing. Though overall hold time may be slightly less (3-4 weeks), the application is incredibly secure for most lifestyles. This line is also ideal for skin bases, lace bases, and poly perimeters. Despite the strength of Sunshine Silicone Elite, you won’t experience heavy leftover residue upon removal. This will become a staple product you’ll always want to have on hand in your barbershop or salon.


Sunshine Tape Silicone Extended Wear

Sunshine Silicone - Extended Wear

Though our Sunshine Silicone Elite Extended Wear adhesive is a less expensive version, it is no less successful in hair replacement system applications. Your secure bond can still last up to four weeks. With affordable minimum order quantities, this is the perfect liquid adhesive to make your own. (Ask us how you can create your own successful product line with our private label program!)

Sunshine Tape Silicone Daily Wear

Sunshine Silicone - Daily Wear

Sunshine Silicone Daily Wear is the lightest formulation of all our silicone toupee adhesives, designed especially for daily or weekly applications. This product is also thin and flexible enough to be used as a touch-up adhesive for clients looking to extend the wear of their current system. Well-maintained systems can have a hold time of up to two weeks.

Additional Benefits of Sunshine Tape’s Silicone Liquid Adhesives

All Sunshine Tape Silicone Adhesives are made proudly in the U.S.A. In addition to reliability, flexibility, and durability, other benefits of our silicone liquid adhesives line include:

  • Medical-grade, non-toxic ingredients
  • Waterproof formula
  • Easy, damage-free cleanup


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