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Just like with any goal you set for yourself, it’s all about the prep! It’s no different when your ultimate goal is long-lasting toupee and wig applications. Proper scalp prep can make a major difference in the duration of your hair replacement system.


Today we’re here to reveal our barber and hairstylist secret weapon – Sunshine Skin Prep. Though the bottle is small, the results are incredibly powerful.

Sunshine Skin Prep 

The Benefits of Using Sunshine Skin Prep


Sunshine Skin Prep is the ideal enhancement to toupee and other hair replacement system applications for a number of reasons.


Here are some of the biggest benefits:

  1. The alcohol-based liquid plastic formulation enhances the tack of the adhesive tape or liquid.
  2. It creates a waterproof barrier on your clients’ scalps to help extend hold time.
  3. A coat of Skin Prep adds a layer of protection from irritation for sensitive scalps.
  4. You can use it in combination with all adhesives for all types of hair replacement systems.


It is especially critical to apply a skin prep on those clients who have oily skin or are more active (and even more so for those who love swimming and high-intensity sports.) These scalps are more prone to moisture, which can compromise the durability of routine adhesive application. While we recommend using it all year round, at a minimum, Sunshine Skin Prep should always be used as part of your standard application process in humid climates and during the summer months. A little bit of skin prep goes a long way in ensuring your clients’ comfortability and overall satisfaction.


How to Apply Sunshine Skin Prep


To unleash the full effect of Sunshine Skin Prep, follow these simple instructions for toupee application:


  1. Start by cleaning the scalp with a 99% alcohol like Sunshine Alcohol-Based Remover to remove any remaining residue, dirt, and oil.
  2. Use the brush to apply a thin layer of Sunshine Skin Prep directly to the scalp.
  3. Once dry, begin your application process with your toupee tape or liquid adhesive.


Sunshine Skin Prep is medical-grade, made 100% in the U.S., and hypoallergenic. It contains all the ingredients you need to create a powerful, protective, and enhanced wear for your clients. Using this product as part of every toupee, wig, or other hair replacement system application helps give your clients a longer, more comfortable wear that's free of adhesive irritation!


Are you ready to put the power of Sunshine Skin Prep in your hands? Contact us to place your order.