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Have you been searching for the best extended wear toupee tapes and adhesives for your clients? Well, we have good news for you! Your search ends right here. Our Sunshine Tape toupee tapes and liquid adhesives include some of the industry’s strongest options.


Long-Lasting Toupee Tapes


Hyper Hold, Stick It, and Blue Hole Punch are three of our most popular tapes; and we know why! These tapes are high-tack, low-maintenance, and easy to apply. Plus, all three tapes are available as rolls or various-sized contours, making application even more convenient!

 Sunshine Hyper Hold Tape

Hyper Hold Tape

Hyper Hold tape got its nickname as the most aggressive tape on the market for good reason. Though its matte finish makes it barely noticeable, the effects are certainly noticed by all stylists and barbers who use it! Hyper Hold’s flexible properties and secure bond mean applications can last anywhere from four to six weeks. It’s great on all bases, making it a versatile choice to always have on hand! 

Sunshine Tape Lace Front Hold

Lace Front Hold

With a strong hold, clear application, and dull finish, this maximum wear tape is a must for lace base toupees and wigs. Though our Lace Front Hold tape may initially draw you because of its baby blue liner, the hold time of up to four weeks is what will keep you and your clients coming back for more. Designed specifically for lace bases, Lace Front Hold is delicate on scalps and client hair systems.

Sunshine Tape Blue Hole Punch Tape

Blue Hole Punch

As one of the newest Sunshine Tapes to hit the market, Blue Hole Punch is already making quite the debut on scalps across the world. As far as strong-hold wig tapes go, this one is at the top of the list for delicate hair systems. Blue Hole Punch tape comes in strips, mini contours, and tape rolls and provides a hold of up to four weeks.


Extended Wear Liquid Adhesives

Reliable, comfortable, and durable are just some of the adjectives our clients use to describe our extended wear liquid adhesives. All Sunshine Tape liquid adhesives have a medical-grade formulation that’s gentle on scalps but strong on hairpieces.

Sunshine Tape Skin Safe Acrylic Adhesive 

Skin-Safe Acrylic Adhesive Maximum Wear

If you’ve been trying to find the strongest acrylic adhesive on the market, we have the winner right here. Our Skin-Safe Acrylic Adhesive - Maximum Wear is loved for its consistency; you can feel confident knowing each toupee or wig application will have a solid three-to-five-week bond. It also dries completely clear, so your clients can feel extra confident stepping out with their new ‘do.

Sunshine Tape Silicone Elite 

Silicone Elite Maximum Wear

Your clients will enjoy (and yes, we really mean enjoy) up to five weeks of hold time with the Sunshine Silicone Elite Maximum Wear. This is the best silicone adhesive option on the market if you’re looking for a strong hold on lace bases, skin bases, and poly perimeters on lace or monofilament bases.
Sunshine Tape Silicone Elite

Silicone Extended Wear

If the premium for Silicone Elite Is a bit out of budget, don’t feel like you need to make sacrifices. With our Silicone Extended Wear, you won’t have to sacrifice quality or reliability. This liquid adhesive for toupees and wigs provides a dependable hold time of 3-4 weeks.


Add Some Sunshine to Your Hairpiece Applications


We know you have many choices when it comes to toupee tapes and liquid adhesives, but we can promise you this. Our products are as reliable as the sun rising every morning.


Are you ready to stock up your salon or barbershop with the strongest adhesives and tapes on the market? Contact us here to get started.