As a barber or hairstylist, your clients look to you as the expert in all things hair. Your hairpiece application techniques are important but being a resource for your clients and their wig or toupee hair care is equally as essential. 

Those who wear a wig or toupee often do so as a result of hair loss. Though a long-lasting and natural-looking hair system is a big priority, many do not realize all the factors that contribute to the useful life of their hairpiece. Excessive moisture, poor washing, and heat styling often leave the toupee hair looking dull, brittle, and noticeably artificial.

With proper care, natural hair toupees and wigs can last up to a year, while synthetic systems can last as long as six months.

Do you want to help your clients extend the life of their hair systems? These five tips are key to ensuring your clients’ wig and toupee hair stays intact for as long as possible!


Tip 1: Minimize Moisture


Moisture is the number one enemy of a great wig or toupee hairpiece. The combination of a wet scalp and moist hairpiece can lead to fungus or mold growth, breakage, roughness, and irritation.

It's not just the elements while on the scalp that can be detrimental. Keeping a wig or toupee in a humid bathroom or in a box that isn't airtight can also cause damage.

Tip 2: Wash Your Wig or Toupee Routinely

When it comes to washing your hair system, your recommendations on frequency will likely depend on the client and their unique needs.

Though clients may initially think they need to clean a wig or toupee after a few hours of wear, this is usually unnecessary. In general, you or your clients should only wash the unit after wearing it for about a week.Routinely washing their hairpiece will keep it feeling and looking fresh. It can also help prevent odor and grease build-up from scalp oils and products. (If you want to style the hairpiece, be sure to use styling products that are meant for wigs and toupees sparingly.)


Be sure to clean your client's wig or toupee hair using special hairpiece shampoo and conditioner that’s meant to remove adhesive residue. Over-washing the hairpieces can cause them to become dry, brittle, and break.

Tip 3: Use Wig and Toupee Hair Adhesives Carefully

Liquid adhesives and toupee tapes keep a wig or toupee securely attached to your client's head. However, both types of adhesives need to be applied carefully as they can damage or weaken the hairpiece if not used correctly.

No matter which method you choose, you should only use the adhesives used prior to placing the hair system. Applying it after the hairpiece is in place can cause damage to the hairs and make removal difficult.  

You’ll also want to make sure you invest in a quality adhesive remover that can loosen the hairpiece and remove any remaining adhesive without damaging it. Proper application and removal using only the best quality products will ensure your toupee or wig stays looking great for longer!

Tip 4: Avoid Hight-Heat Styling Tools

If you want long-lasting hair replacement systems, you’ll want to skip the heat. High heat can seriously damage hairpieces, especially if you opt for a synthetic piece. While human hair toupees experience breakage and discoloration from heat, synesthetic wigs can melt from the high temperatures. 

Tip 5: Treat Your Wig & Toupee Hairpiece Like Real Hair

One of the best tips you can give a client with a wig or toupee is to treat it like they would their own hair! In fact, if your clients buy real human hair toupees and wigs, the systems are even more delicate than their natural hair.

Brush the hair system daily to keep all the hair flowing in the right direction and remove any tangles that may inadvertently loosen the hairs. Try to avoid using thin elastics or tight hairstyles that can cause breakage to the delicate hair system.

With the right knowledge and the right toupee hair application products, you can achieve long-lasting styles! Looking for more tips? Head to our blog to check out all of our resources for barbers, stylists, and salon owners!