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The season is changing, and your clients’ approach to toupee hairpiece care should be changing along with it. Although hair and scalp care are undoubtedly a year-round priority, winter hair care is critical due to the increased risk of damage from colder and drier weather.


Whether your clients prefer to wear a natural or synthetic hairpiece, they’ll want to get the most out of their hair system. Proper maintenance and regular winter scalp care ensure a longer usable life for wigs and toupees.


Why should I worry about winter hair care?


Have you ever noticed you need to apply a little extra moisturizer to your skin during the winter months? As the temperature outside begins to drop, so does the humidity. When the air outside becomes drier, your skin and hairpiece do as well. Naturally, with colder outdoor temperatures, your clients will spend more time indoors as well. Inside, if your heating system uses dry heat, the dryness is virtually inescapable.


Dry hairpieces, like dry skin, is not a good look. When the air around you gets too dry, the moisture is pulled out of your hairpiece, making it dull, dry, and prone to damage. For this reason, toupee hairpiece care is even more important during the harsher winter months.

How to care for your wig or toupee during the winter


Everyone wants to keep their hair systems looking healthy and hydrated year-round, so proper toupee hairpiece care throughout the winter is a must. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep those hair systems feeling soft and looking natural all winter long!



Apply a high-quality conditioner regularly


Conditioner should be your hairpiece’s best friend throughout the winter. Conditioning locks in moisture and protects the strands from breakage. A regular conditioning regimen combats the cold by creating a glossy, healthy, and natural look.


Experts recommend conditioning your hairpiece at least once a week (or at least after each wash). Experiment with both traditional and leave-in conditioners to see which works best for you.


Use high-quality adhesives and removers


Using high-quality adhesives and removers can significantly extend the life of your hair system. Using low-quality adhesives can cause irritation and, even worse, breakage.


During the winter, when your hairpiece is already more brittle thanks to the cold, dry air. This makes having high-quality adhesives even more important. Using high-quality toupee tape or liquid adhesives ensures no additional damage is caused during the application process.



Don’t overdo the shampoo


Shampooing your hairpiece regularly is essential to keeping it clean and removing buildup from scalp oils and products. Although keeping your hair system clean is an absolute must, overwashing can dry out the hair even further.


Experts recommend washing your hair system twice a week, and we recommend you follow their guidance, especially in winter. Make sure your clients use shampoos and conditioners like Sunshine Tape’s that are crafted specifically for hairpiece care. Using products designed for hair systems is essential to ensuring the longevity of your toupee or wig.

Don’t use intense heat


As a general rule of thumb, the more gently you treat your hairpiece, the longer it will last. When you apply high heat to human hair, like straighteners and curlers, it can cause damage and discoloration. With synthetic hair, any level of heat is a don’t. Using heat stying tools, especially those with metal plates like straighteners and curlers, can cause melting and other permanent damage.


Keep the heat low (300 degrees max) for natural hair systems, and use it sparingly. Even when washing, avoid hot water. Opt for warm or lukewarm water instead.


Here’s an additional tip: It’s best to air dry your hairpiece by using a towel and gently pressing the hair into it. If you need to use a blow dryer, use the cool setting.


Don’t forget about the scalp


When talking about winter hair care, we can’t forget winter scalp care as well. Proper scalp prep is a crucial part of the hairpiece application process.


As you now know, cold, dry air pulls moisture from skin and hair. Despite being a moderately oily surface, the scalp is subject to drying out as well. While an overly oily scalp can make for a less secure fit, a dry scalp will lead to irritation and flaking. Especially in the colder months, winter dry scalp can prove to be an issue when it comes to hairpieces and toupees.


Use a dedicated scalp or facial moisturizer of your choice paired with Sunshine Skin Prep to minimize redness, irritation, and flaking, and ensure a comfortable and secure fit.


Winter toupee hairpiece care with Sunshine Tape Products


Sunshine Tape is dedicated to creating high-quality products that help barbers and stylists keep hair systems looking healthy, vibrant, and hydrated all year round.


Looking for more tips on proper toupee hairpiece care? Check out our blog for more resources for barbers, stylists, and salon owners!