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When it comes to the successful application ofskin base hair systems, the type of toupee tape used is crucial for a secure and comfortable wear. However, with so many different types of toupee tapes on the market, it can be challenging to know which is the best for your clients.

Using the correct toupee hair replacement system tapes also ensures a longer-lasting toupee or wig.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the three best toupee tape options for skin base hair systems: 1522 Tape, Blue Hole Punch, and Liberty Red Tape.

What is a Skin Base Hair System?

A skin base hair system is made of thin, polyurethane foam material. Also known as poly bases or skin replacement systems, these toupees are designed to fit perfectly on the scalp.

If properly secured and maintained, skin base hair systems can be worn for up to four weeks at a time before they need to be reapplied. They are popular because they are lightweight, nearly undetectable, and very comfortable to wear.

Also known as poly base hair systems, this type of toupee is great for those with thinning hair or bald spots, as it creates the most natural-looking scalp coverage.

What are the Benefits of a Skin Base Hair System?

Skin base hair systems come in various styles, including natural, human hair. Experienced barbers and stylists use these hair systems for both men and women who have experienced thinning or hair loss.

Here are some of the top benefits of using a skin base hair system:

1. Skin bases are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

A skin base hair system is one of the lightest and most comfortable options on the market. It’s clear polyurethane material makes it nearly undetectable, ensuring that natural look your clients desire.

2. They are perfect for clients experiencing hair thinning or complete loss.

Skin base tapes are especially beneficial for those experiencing hair loss. The nearly undetectable base and skin-like material are perfect for virtually any scalp, covering any thinning areas without bulging or sticking up. A properly fitted and natural-looking toupee can help boost your clients’ confidence (and thus, your shop’s customer satisfaction!)

3. You can wear them for up to four weeks at a time.

Depending on the strength and quality of the toupee tape used, skin base hair systems can be worn for up to four weeks at a time before they need to be reapplied.

Proper care and maintenance are especially important during humid and dry seasons. So, how do you know which toupee tape is the best fit for your clients?

The Top 3 Toupee Tape Brands for Skin Bases

Not all toupee tapes will be a good fit for lightweight skin base hair systems. Here are three reliable toupee tapes for skin bases that you’ll want to always have on hand in your shop or salon.

Sunshine Tape 1522 Tape for Toupees

1522 Tape

1522 Tape is one of the most popular types of daily wear toupee tapes on the market today. Designed with hypoallergenic adhesive, 1522 wig tape is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

The material design of 1522 Tape is also waterproof and non-toxic, making it an excellent choice for those with allergies or sensitive skin. Plus, clean-up is easy and does not leave any sticky residue behind when removed.

1522 Tape is ideal for those who want a skin base toupee tape that is both comfortable and can be applied daily (hold time of up to 7 days).

Sunshine Blue Hole Punch Tape

Blue Hole Punch

If you use a delicate toupee hair replacement system, then it is critical to use toupee and wig tape designed specifically for that application. Blue Hole Punch is a great choice for those with thinning hair or sensitive scalps, as it’s gentle and won’t cause irritation.

This toupee tape is also water-resistant and hypoallergenic, making it a good option for those who have sensitive skin or live an active lifestyle.

Blue Hole Punch offers a long-lasting hold of up to four weeks between applications! It’s a great choice for clients looking for a lower-maintenance option with their skin base toupee.

Sunshine Tape Liberty Red Tape

Liberty Red Tape

If you are working with a polyurethane base hair system, then Liberty Red Tape may be the toupee tape for you! This tape is designed specifically for those with poly bases.

The Liberty Red Tape with its non-aggressive tack is a great option for those seeking a go-to daily wear tape. Do your clients prefer a little more extended wear? With Liberty Red, clients can get a hold time of up to two weeks but without the need for a messy or lengthy clean-up.

Invest in the Best Toupee Tape with Sunshine Tape

With the right toupee and wig tape, you can keep your hair replacement system in place, looking great all day, all week, or even all month long. At Sunshine Tape, we offer a wide variety of toupee tapes to meet the needs of every stylist, barber, and client.

To find the best toupee tape for your skin base hair system, browse our selection of tapes, or contact us to learn more!