Many stylists and barbers dream about having their own haircare product line. Crafting the perfect product line usually takes years of work, a hefty financial investment, and enormous production quantities. Even if you want to learn how to start a haircare product line, knowing where to turn for high-quality ingredients and reliable manufacturing can be a challenge.

But what if those complications could vanish and your dreams of having a haircare product line could come true in a matter of weeks? With Sunshine Tape Products’ private label program, they can.

Our private label program allows barbers, stylists, and salon owners to offer clients their own line of high-quality products without any of the hefty investments or formulation headaches!

With more than 30 years’ experience privately labeling products for customers around the world, you’ll benefit from Sunshine Tape’s:

  • Industry-leading formulations
  • High-quality, medical-grade ingredients
  • Affordable minimum order quantities
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Let this be the year your vision comes to life. Here are five reasons why your salon or shop should have its own haircare product line:

1. Establish your authority

Having your own product line shows a level of expertise and strong belief in the direction of your business. By investing in a product line, you’re showing your current and potential clients that you’re not just another barber or stylist. You’re a professional who’s confident in their knowledge and knows what’s truly needed to achieve their desired appearance.

2. Build brand recognition

Industry competition is fierce, so how do you stand out as a boutique barbershop or salon? With a branded product line, you’ll build better brand recognition within the community you serve. Show off these products in your marketing and social media to create a consistent and recognizable message that everything about your location, from your techniques to the products you apply, is best-in-class.

3. Create additional income streams

Are you paying a premium for toupee tapes, liquid adhesives, haircare products, and more just because they have a brand name on the outside label? Though many products have similar formulations, the price differences may be drastic because of that logo. Why not add more value while spending less on a high-quality product that’s YOURS? Then, pass that premium onto your clients as an additional income stream for your business. Your clients will also be much more inclined to purchase the products from their favorite and most-trusted barber or stylist! 

4. Foster loyalty

With your own haircare product line, you’ll be demonstrating the quality and durability of your products in real-time. As long as your clients are satisfied with their new look (which we’re sure they will be), they’ll only want to visit your shop for their next appointment and their product replenishment. Everyone loves a one-stop-shop, so if you have all the tools they need in-house, they’ll keep coming back inside for more.

5. Guarantee quality

When your clients turn to drug stores or the internet for advice, they’re taking a chance on their scalps. If your clients use a premium, made-in-the-USA product line during appointments and while they’re at home, you’ll always know they’re applying high-quality products that won’t cause irreversible damage to their scalps, natural hair, or hair replacement systems.

Their Look, Your Line

Stop thinking about how to start a haircare product line and start doing it.

Build equity and credibility in front of your clients while Sunshine Tape takes care of the rest behind the scenes.

Our private label program makes it easy to produce your own haircare product line. Here are some of our most popular products that can be personalized and private labeled to fit your brand:

  • Wig and toupee tape rolls
  • Liquid adhesives
  • Hair extension tape tabs
  • Toupee tape contours
  • Haircare products like shampoos and conditioners
  • Toupee tape removers
  • Application scalp prep

Are you ready to establish your authority, build credibility, create additional income streams, foster loyalty, and guarantee customer quality? We’re ready to help. Contact us today for more information or to place your order.