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When your client walks into your salon or barbershop for a hair system application, you want to give them the best hair systems andhair system products for their unique needs. There’s no better way to keep your clients loyal than customizing a hair system application plan (and providing top-notch expertise and services, of course!). 

Your clients might have questions abouthair systems costs, the right kind oftape for hairsystems for them, orhair system adhesive removers. Answering their questions and recommending the right products shows your client that they’re a priority––and they appreciate that!

Not sure what thebest hair systems products are? Let’s review the client consultation process first, because that’s how you’ll discover the bestSunshine Tape hair system productsto recommend to your clients.

Tips for Stylist and Client Consultations 

You want to make sure each client gets a custom-tailored hair system application, and you want to help them have thebest hair systemsexperience possible. That’s why you have to start with a consultation! 

Here are the main points you’ll want to cover so you understand your client and their needs.

Skin Type

Get to know your client’s skin! They might need products for a sensitive scalp or to avoid allergy-causing ingredients. If you understand your client’s skin type, you’ll know what products to use for scalp prep to get the best application experience possible. (You can do askin patch test to testhair system productson your client’s scalp, too!)


Next, ask your client if they have an active lifestyle and what climate they spend most of their time in so you know how much humidity, moisture, or sweat might accumulate on the scalp or hair system. Then, you can decide whathair system products will work for them and can easily recommend thebest hair systems for their lifestyle. 

Desired Hair System Wear Time

Thebest hair systemsfor your clients depend on how long they plan to wear them and the type of liquid adhesive or tape for hairthey’ll need. Do they want to wear a wig or toupee? Are they interested in daily, extended, or maximum hold? 

After a successful client consultation covering these basics, you'll know exactly whathair system products, liketape for hair orhair system adhesive removers, to recommend.

Sunshine Liquid Adhesives

How to Recommend the BestHair System Products

Depending on what you and your client talked about during your consultation, you’re ready to recommend the best hair system products for their skin type, lifestyle, climate, and wear time. Remember that some products can work interchangeably!

Here’s what we recommend for clients with sensitive skin:

Got a client with an active lifestyle or one who lives in a hot climate? Here are a few recommendations:

  • AnySunshine Tape Liquid Adhesive works for clients who sweat or swim often! 
  • You can suggest a synthetic wig or toupee hairpiece as thebest hair systemsfor more breathability in higher temperatures.
  • You can also tell your client that lace bases allow for increased airflow and can help reduce sweat or moisture in the hair system. 

Based on the desired hair system wear time, we recommend these adhesivehair system products.

Daily Wear:

Extended Wear:

Maximum Wear:

What about when your clients are ready to remove their hair systems? How do you remove liquid adhesives and tape for hair? Find out which of our high-qualityhair system adhesive removers workbest for each hair system type

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