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Let us guess. You’re searching for the idealwig glue remover, and you’re a little overwhelmed and confused by the results. There are so many things to consider:toupee vs. wig options and what hairpiece glue removers work best with each type of hairpiece toppers or hair system type. But you soldier on because you know—after figuring out thebest types of tape to use for system types—your next step is finding the proper remover. 

Let us make your search easier! Our experts here atSunshine Tape can happily recommend picks forwig removersolutions. We’ll outline each hair system and suggest the best removers for that type. 

Don’t worry and stick with us—we’ll add some sunshine to your day! 

Lace-Based Hair Systems

If your client is looking for the most breathable hair systems orhairpiece toppers, lace-based won't disappoint! A lace-based hair system is made with a finely knitted mesh that has small holes, which allow for maximum airflow and breathability (especiallyideal for active clients). That’s why lace-based hair systems are one of the most popular types of hairpiece toppers for anyone who wears a toupee or and a wig. They get a comfortable base with a lightweight material that allows for a very undetectable hair system. 

There are two specific kinds of lace-based hair systems:

  • French Lace:This breathable and lightweight lace is practically invisible, thanks to its natural-looking color and well-ventilated stitching. Maybe your client is weighing the benefits of toupee vs. wig—no matter what they opt for, a French lace system is great for hot or humid weather. French lace can also be stretched to perfectly fit the wearer’s head and has a lifespan of 3 to 4 months. 

  • Swiss Lace:This option is less durable than French Lace and is ultra-thin. When paired with hairpiece toppers, it just doesn’t get any softer or more delicate than this natural base material. Unfortunately, that softness means Swiss lace doesn’t last as long as other materials and will need to be replaced more frequently, usually every 1 to 2 months. 

We recommend using these adhesive removers for lace-based hair systems andwig removal.

Sunshine Oil Solvent

Thisgentle oil-based adhesive remover works best on delicate systems, like lace-based hair systems. Oil-based toupee and wig removers are the quickest at breaking down adhesives and are an excellent alternative to alcohol removers. Our Sunshine Oil Solvent is our go-to toupee orwig glue remover for clients who want an alcohol-free remover!

Sunshine Alcohol Remover 

If you want to ensure a secure hair system application bond, ouralcohol-based remover is exactly what you need!While alcohol-based toupee andwig glue removers are slower at breaking down adhesives, the clean-up is much faster. There’s no oily residue to rinse away because the alcohol evaporates entirely after removal. We recommend using this solution for prepping and cleaning the scalp before applying anyhairpiece toppers for the best results.

Skin-Based (Polyurethane) Hair Systems

A skin-based system is made of a polyurethane material that blends easily, giving the illusion of human skin. (Hence the name!) These bases are see-through and come in a variety of thicknesses. Because the material is thin, a skin-based hair system can feel like it’s part of your actual scalp when you touch it. The thicker the material, the more water-resistant it is; the tradeoff is less breathability. These wig andhairpiece toppers last from 1 to 6 months.  

We recommend using the following adhesive removers for skin-based (polyurethane) hair systems.

Sunshine Oil Solvent

Our signatureoil-based adhesive remover will be your new favorite toupee andwig removerfor polyurethane hair systems. This remover is less oily than other oil-based removers making the cleanup process quick and fast drying!

Sunshine Citr-O-Sol

As far as toupee andwig glue removers go, thisadhesive remover spraywith its perfect blend of citrus and oil—wins on strength AND comfort. You can use Sunshine Citr-O-Sol to remove all types of adhesives and glues; your clients will love how it gets rid of all traces of adhesives without being too harsh on their scalp or hair system.

Monofilament-Based Hair Systems

Monofilament-based hair systems are the most affordable option—and the most durable. Mono bases use a fine mesh material that lets light and air pass through, helping increase its lifespan. Your clients will appreciate the styling versatility of a mono base: They can change their hair’s part any way they like! This base works especially well for clients who have more sensitive scalps. 

We recommend using the following adhesive removers for monofilament-based hair systems.

Sunshine Alcohol Remover

Our signaturealcohol-based remover is a perfect match for mono bases! Sunshine Alcohol Remover offers an easy clean-up every time and won’t leave any residue on yourhairpiece toppers. 

Sunshine Citrus Cleaner

Looking for a more heavy-duty remover? You need our powerfulcitrus cleaner! It’s the strongest adhesive cleaner we offer and works well with durable mono systems that can handle a little more strength. Sunshine Citrus Cleaner is an ultra-effective and fast-acting formula, so you won't need to soak your hair system for an extended period of time. 

No Residue Left Behind with Sunshine Tape

No matter what remover you reach for, you can count onSunshine Tape products to do exactly what they say they will. We offer 4 toupee and wig glue removers, so you can always find a perfect pairing for your specific hair system types andhairpiece toppers. Contact us to place an order or learn more!