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If you’re learninghow to secure wigsproperly when installing hair systems, you’ve probably experienced some frustration. Sometimes, the base wrinkles or doesn’t attach securely, and that affects how natural the hair system looks. (If it’s not sitting evenly on the scalp, people might notice!) The best way to tackle these problems is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

You’re in the right place if you need some expert tips and tricks forsecuring wigs and avoiding these issues! We’ll teach youhow to secure wigsand the best way to keep a wig on, and offer up some troubleshooting advice.

Let’s get right into some of the common challenges you might encounter when learninghow to secure hair and give you a few ideas for resolving any mishaps. 

Ensure the Head Matches the Base Contour

Your client needs to buy the right-shaped base if they want a smooth and secure hair system application. The contour should match the outline of their head shape, and – depending on the client – you can opt for shallow, regular, or deep contours.

If you use the wrong contour shape, you might notice air bubbles and bumps, and that makes for a very uncomfortable wear and an unnatural result when you’resecuring wigs.

Need some guidelines? Recommend a shallow contour for clients with a flatter scalp surface, a regular contour for those with a more standard-shaped head, and a deep contour for anyone with a rounder head shape with little to no flatness.

If you knowhow to put on a toupeeproperly, you can easily guide your clients toward the right base contour – ultimately leading to happy clients! 

Measure the Head for the Right Size Base

Size is just as important as the contour shape and will help you figure out how to secure wigs successfully for each client.

If the hair system is too small, the base will undergo excess stretching or pulling, which can result in folds, bumps, and wrinkles. And if these issues are severe, your client will end up with a permanently damaged hair system and need to purchase a brand-new one. 

To avoid this problem whensecuring wigs, help your client find the base size that fits them. If your client is in between sizes, advise them to pick the larger version if possible. This way, you can cut the base unit down to size if you need to. If the base is too small, there’s no way to go bigger without stretching the unit and risking damage.

If you’re figuring outhow to secure a wig without hairand wondering if that factors into the base size, it doesn’t! What matters is using the right base size. 

Avoid Using Hair Tape That’s Too Thick

If you know how to secure wigs properly and have been working with clients for a while, you probably know that some hair system wearers like to use two layers of tape for extra hold. This is fine in some cases but could be troublesome in some instances – for example, on a thicker base system that isn’t ultra-thin. When the tape is too thick for the hair system, the base can wrinkle, which can create gaps between the scalp and the hair system and allow sweat and oils to weaken the adhesive bond.

To solve these issues, you can useliquid adhesives as a thin layer fortoupee applications. Or, if your client prefers the ease of cleaning and attachment with tape, you can use just one layer of tape with a stronger hold. (OurStick It Tape is light, thin, and holds for 4+ weeks!)

Wash Hair Systems with Cold or Lukewarm Water

Another thing that can damage hair systems? Washing them in hot or even too warm water! Too hot water can stretch the base out, causing wrinkles and leading to an uneven application. This usually happens with hair systems that have a thinner base.

Always use cold water or (at the very least) lukewarm water when washing hair systems. This allows for a smooth application whensecuring wigs or toupees. Remind your client to use cold or lukewarm water when showering because washing with too hot water can make their hair dry and lead to more damage. 

How to Secure WigsProperly with Sunshine Tape 

Our tips and tricks to smooth and secure hair systems will keep your clients happy and loyal to your salon or barbershop! Doing it right the first time, offering expert advice along the way, and using high-quality products like Sunshine Tapeliquid adhesives andtapes will definitely keep customers coming back. 

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