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If you’re a professional stylist or barber with experience in the hair system industry, having the right hair tape is a must! You want to impress your clients with your work (and make the process as seamless as possible for yourself, too!). Stocking up on hair tape means finding the best quality products to ensure a smooth application and no-fuss removal.  

As far as aggressive hold tape with a dull finish goes, our Sunshine Hyper Hold Tape fits the bill perfectly. With this in mind, Walker Tape company makes a similar tape called Walker Tape No Shine Tape. So, what makes our tape stick it to the competition? It all comes down to the details. Here’s everything you need to know!  

How Does Our Tape Compare to Walker No Shine Tape? 

Now, the decision lies in your hands for which hair system tape to choose! We’ll help you make that decision easier by giving you all of the facts. We’re putting our Sunshine Hyper Hold Tape head-to-head with Walker’s No Shine Tape. 

How do we stand up against Walker Tape company?  

More Affordable  

The numbers speak for themselves—it’s clear which tape is more affordable. With Sunshine Tape, you’re getting the same high-quality tape as Walker Tape No Shine Tape at a better price. We always put our customers first, and we believe they deserve the best price on the market! That’s why we don’t have pricing tiers and price our products competitively.  

Plenty of Tape in Stock 

When you need tape for your clients, seeing your favorite tape out of stock can put a damper on your business. The last thing you want to do is let your clients down who rely on this tape for their hair system application. You’ll never run into this issue with Sunshine Tape, as it might happen with our competitors, as we are fully stocked with all of your favorite premium-quality tapes  

Quick Lead Times  

We know there’s nothing more frustrating than tape being out of stock. But slow shipping times or late orders are a close second! With short lead times, we’re able to quickly fulfill orders as they come in. Our customers count on us to keep their businesses running with the products they need. That’s why we promise to deliver on time, every time—that’s our commitment to our customers.  

Strong Hold Time 

Our Sunshine Hyper Hold Tape is the most aggressive hold tape on the market. You can expect a long-lasting hold time of between three to four weeks! This is an excellent option for your clients who are looking for a low-maintenance tape. Our durable hair tape has an extremely strong hold thanks to the 10 ml thickness of this flexible tape. It also features a stretchy urethane carrier, which allows for enhanced durability. 

Hypoallergenic Tape  

Do you have clients with sensitive skin or allergies? Our hypoallergenic tape not only has a strong hold but is also non-irritating for those who have sensitive scalps. Always perform a skin patch test to determine if your client has any skin reactions to hair system tape before application. We also recommend a waterproof layer of Skin Prep to create a protective barrier on the scalp.  

Virtually Invisible 

For a natural dull matte finish, you can expect our Sunshine Hyper Hold Tape to leave no shine. One of the most crucial parts of a hairpiece application is ensuring it’s undetectable. Having tape that’s virtually invisible on the scalp makes all the difference! You can expect this tape to be practically unnoticeable through mesh units (and it’s compatible with all hair system types!).   

Easy to Apply 

When your client comes in for their hairpiece application, our tape is quick and simple to apply. Start by peeling and cutting the desired length from the tape roll. Then, place the tape onto the hair system where you want it, carefully avoiding touching the adhesive. Remove the remaining liner and apply it to your client's scalp—and there you have it!   

Find All of Your Hair System Essentials with Sunshine Tape

When it comes to Sunshine Hyper Hold Tape vs. Walker Tape No Shine, the winner is clear. We’re shining through the no shine tape with our affordability, availability, and quick lead times. Our long-lasting hypoallergenic tape provides a virtually invisible matte finish—you can always count on Sunshine Hyper Hold Tape! 

It doesn’t end here; we have all of your hair system needs in one place. From hair tapes and liquid adhesives to removers and haircare, stick with Sunshine Tape! Visit our website to discover our line of products and stock up for your salon or barber shop.