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If you work in the hair industry, whether at a barber shop or salon, you’re probably familiar with hair replacement systems. Clients who trust you with your hair will rely on your knowledge of hair systems to create that ideal final look. Many of your clients may have looked into surgical hair replacement but decided to ultimately try out hair replacement systems instead.  

Whether you’re looking for a refresher or you’re new to the hair system world, use this guide to help you along the way! We’ll go over the different types of hair replacement systems and answer common questions such as what is a hair replacement system, how much are hair replacement systems, and how does non surgical hair replacement work. Let’s get to it!  

What is a Hair Replacement System? 

There are a few different ways to refer to hair replacement systems. They’re also called hairpieces, toupees, hair units, or non-surgical hair replacements. These hair replacement systems are used to cover part of the scalp that’s bald or thinning. This is a non-invasive alternative to surgical hair replacement that delivers results your clients will be able to adjust as they desire. They come in either synthetic or human hair variations with different options for the base types. 

When choosing a hair system for your client, there are three main types of hair replacement systems:  

Monofilament Hair System 

For any of your clients looking for a more affordable option, monofilament base hair replacement systems are the way to go! Mono bases are made with a webbed structure allowing for maximum breathability. If your client has a sensitive scalp, these bases are gentle on the skin. The material is made of a polyester or nylon blend for ultimate comfort.    

Lace Base Hair System 

Another popular choice for hair replacement systems are lace bases. These bases consist of lightweight lace that has the hair tied into the material. Since they’re made with lace, you can imagine they’re also very delicate. With lace, you get unmatched comfort with the breathable base of these hairpieces. One of the reasons these are a top-selling base type is because of the nearly invisible hairline it provides for a natural look.  

Polyurethane Hair System 

If you have a client that wants to cover hair loss or thinning areas, these bases are a must-try! Polyurethane bases (also called skin base hair replacement systems) are clear and can be easily concealed on the scalp. The material is made of a skin-like material that can be matched to any skin tone. Since these bases are lightweight, they’re comfortable to wear. They’re also durable, making them the best choice for clients that want to wear their hairpiece for up to a month at a time.  

How Much Are Hair Replacement Systems? 

When your client is shopping around for hair replacement systems, they might be curious about the cost. The overall investment varies, with the general range at $100 to $500 per system, not including products needed, application, and maintenance costs. How much your client ends up paying depends on the hair system they choose, how often they wear it, and if they want to change up the style regularly. When choosing a hair system over surgical hair replacement, the investment will be much less costly overall.  

How Does Non Surgical Hair Replacement Work? 

You might have a client come in and ask how hair replacement systems work compared to hair transplant surgery. Firstly, it’s important to note that hair replacement systems offer immediate results with no surgery required. It also gives your clients the flexibility to change up their hair system style whenever they want.  

After they choose a hair system they want, the rest is left to the professionals! All that they need to do is book an appointment with their hair system specialist (hopefully, that’s you!) for their application. Then that’s where you come in to apply their hair system with either hair tape or liquid adhesive. When they’re ready to remove and reapply, you’ll need effective removers ready to go.   

The Best Products for Hair Replacement Systems 

Always ensure you use the best products for your clients’ hair replacement systems. You can find all of the essentials you need with Sunshine Tape. Our products are made in the U.S. with high-quality ingredients. From hair tape and liquid adhesive to removers and skin prep, we have everything you need in one place! Stock up on all of the best hair system products so you can build a loyal clientele base.  

If you have any questions as you browse our online shop, you can contact us, and we’ll be happy to help!