If you’re wondering how to build your clientele as a hairstylist, you’ve come to the right place! Offering hair system services for your clients adds an extra element to what you can provide for your clients. These services can include applying wigs, toupees, hair extensions, and other types of hair systems. 

At Sunshine Tape, we know salons and barbershops value their clients. We’re here to help guide you on how to build your hair clientele with our top tips ahead!

Tips on How to Build Your Clientele as a Hairstylist

The best way to build clientele as a hairdresser starts by providing quality services to create a loyal base of repeat clients. But if you’re just starting out, building that clientele base can be a long process from word of mouth only. Get your name out there with the right marketing strategy to build up that book of business!

Take Before & After Pictures of Hair System Service Applications

Seeing is believing and draws in new clients to trust their hair with you! Make it a best practice to ask clients if they’re willing to let you take a photo of their hair before and after for your portfolio. This allows potential clients to see the type of work you’ve done and spark inspiration to get their hair done the same way as previous clients.

Keep these tips in mind when taking those before and after photos: 

  • Take photos against a solid background to have a consistent and more professional look on your website or social media pages when you post them.
  • Focus on the hair rather than the client’s face—most won’t want their face all over your social media pages. 
  • After getting permission to snap photos of the client’s hair, take multiple shots and angles (even some video clips if they are ok with that too!), so you have options to work with! 

Create Social Media Accounts to Expand Your Client Base

To build clientele, hair stylists must be able to market themselves and their work! Make it easily accessible for potential clients to find by putting your before and after photos on social media. Many clients find new stylists through social media now, so having a presence online is vital in how to build your hair clientele most effectively! Showcase your skills through photos, videos, and captions that allow clients to get the whole picture of what to expect when they come to you.

When figuring out how to build your clientele as a hairstylist, it’s essential to expand your reach by having multiple social media profiles. The best way to build clientele as a hairdresser is by creating a few different accounts on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Here are the benefits of using each of the top platforms:


  • This is the most common platform used to build clientele. Hair stylists connect with new clients and fellow stylists. 
  • As a primarily visual platform, it’s easy to showcase your skills with curated photos and videos on your feed. 
  • The ability to use hashtags and location tags helps clients find your page based on where they live and what styles they are looking for. 


  • You can’t deny Facebook's massive user base—it also tends to cover a wider range of ages than Instagram, which is a slightly younger crowd.
  • Joining Facebook groups can help you find those niche hair system service clients and network with other stylists. 
  • Facebook business pages allow you to post a section with essential information like hours of operation, address, reviews, and phone number.


  • As the newer platform of the bunch, its growth has been rapid over the last couple of years and is increasing in popularity with hair stylists too!
  • On TikTok, you can easily edit and create before and after videos with plenty of creative freedom to have fun with it. 
  • The way the algorithm works allows you to get more views and exposure to your page without much effort on your part aside from creating the content. 

Use High-Quality Products for Your Hair System Services

The last tip on how to build your clientele as a hairstylist is to ensure you’re always fully stocked with the best quality products to use on your hair system service clients. Sunshine Tape supplies barbershops and salons with products like tape rollsliquid adhesives, and removers that will keep those clients coming back to you! If you want reliable, affordable, and effective products, stick with us and build your loyal clientele base. 

Visit our online store to get started and see all we have to offer for your hair system service clients!