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If your hair client is getting a hair system for the first time, they’ll be turning to you for expert advice on getting a toupee vs wig. There are a wide variety of hairpiece types with different base materials, hair colors, densities, and lengths. It can be overwhelming to decide what to get!  

They might ask you, “are hair systems worth it?” and “how much does a hair system cost?” You can answer all these questions and more as you assist them in choosing the right hair system for their needs, budget, and the desired look they’re going for.  

With hair stylist client relationships, it’s essential that your hair client can trust your advice as you help them figure out how to choose a wig that looks natural. If they aren’t sure what they’re looking for, you can help them decide with this step-by-step guide.  

Choosing a New Hair System for Your Hair Client 

When your client is ready to choose a hair system, assure them they’re in good hands with you! Having knowledge about various hairpieces and what to look for helps you to build your hair system clientele by keeping your clients happy and coming back to you for their next hair replacement service. 

Follow these steps to help your client choose the right hair system for them:  

Determine Their Hair System Needs  

Provide your client with a thorough hair consultation to make sure you understand exactly what they’re looking for in a hair system. Figure out what base material to go for and the adhesives that would work best with them. How long they plan to wear the hair system also makes a difference. Are they looking for something to take off each night or wear for weeks at a time? Deciding whether they need a toupee vs wig for each specific client is essential to providing the best possible service. 

Take Their Measurements  

This is an important step to ensure a smooth and secure hair system application. Measure the circumference of your client’s head using a tape measure. Start at the front of their hairline and wrap the tape measure behind their ear to the nape of their neck. Continue to wrap it around their head and behind the other ear until it reaches the starting point at the front of the hairline. Remember, you can always trim down a base to a smaller size if needed if it is a bit too large.  

Find Out Their Budget 

Consider your client’s budget for their new hair system. This way, you’ll know what you’re working with, so you can narrow down the options. If you’re looking at the hair market in general, stock hairpieces will be cheaper than custom units. When your client asks, “how much does a hair system cost?” let them know that a stock hairpiece is a great option if they’re on a budget. If they have more to spend, recommend they go for a custom unit to allow for a more natural look and the ability to personalize their hair system exactly how they like. 

Choose a Hair Type 

Once you’ve determined the budget for your client’s hair system, next is to choose between a synthetic or human hair toupee vs wig. Both synthetic and human hair have pros and cons with styling methods, maintenance routines, how long they last, and overall cost. If they’re looking for a longer-lasting customizable look that’s more natural, recommend a human hair system. For a more affordable option that requires less maintenance, go with a synthetic hair system. It all comes down to the client’s personal preferences. 

Select a Hair Color and Density 

At this point, it’s time to find a hair system to match your client’s natural hair color and density. If your client is looking for a wig specifically, they might want to know, “how to choose a wig for your face shape?” or “what wig works best for face framing hairstyles?” In this case, advise them to choose a longer-length wig so they can custom cut the hair system with a stylist. Helping your client choose the right wig or toupee comes down to what closely matches your client’s current or most recent hairstyle.  

Create Loyal Hair Clients with Quality Products and Services 

When it comes to your client buying a toupee vs wig, guide them in the right direction with our guide on choosing the hair system that suits them. Once you provide top service in helping your clients find their perfect hair system, now you need to provide them with top products for the application of the hair systems. Help them choose the best Sunshine Tape products for the best possible hair system experience.  

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