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When you have clients that wear a wig everyday or a toupee, you’ll likely come across those who want to know how often to replace their wig system or toupee hair replacement system. This all depends on whether or not a proper wig and toupee maintenance routine was in place. The better care they take of their toupee or wig hair replacement, the less often they’ll need to replace the system. 

Maybe your client is on a budget, and the toupee cost is too much to replace often. Assure them that taking proper care of their toupee hair replacement system will help to prevent damage and wear to their new toupee and extend the life of the hair system. If you have clients coming in with worn-out toupees and frizzy wigs, it’s time to guide them in the right direction to see the signs that their hair system needs replacing. 

What Are the Signs That a New Toupee or Wig is Needed? 

You’ll have those clients that either wear a toupee or wear a wig everyday. If they’re coming into your salon or barber shop with a hair system that looks like it’s had better days, it might be time to discuss how often to replace their wig or toupee. Over time hair systems need replacing—that’s just how wigs work. 

Here are the signs to look out for when a wig or toupee needs replacing: 

Hair Breakage 

If you notice your client’s hair system is showing signs of breakage, this can lead to thinness, bald patches, and strands falling out. This is a gradual process, so it won’t be as detectable at first but will be more apparent at the front of the hairline. No matter how well your client maintains their hair system, eventually, they’ll shed, just like human hair does. The difference here is that the hair won’t grow back like natural hair, which means it’s time for a new toupee or wig. 

Color Fading 

Even if the hair quality still feels soft and smooth, color fading will happen over time. The rich tones of the hair system begin to dull down and can even take on a red or brassy shade. When you see those hues, it’s a sign of oxidation which happens from overexposure to UV rays. Color-safe shampoos can help reduce fading, but if you’re already seeing this, it means the quality of the hair is not as good as it was before. 

Dull and Dry Strands 

If a hair system looks and feels dry, you’ll notice frizzy wigs and toupees with a straw-like texture. The hair will also tangle more, leading to further wear and tear on the wig or toupee hair replacement system. If a client wants to wear a wig every day, it’ll be exposed to the sun and other weather elements that cause this dryness over time. It’s important to remember that hair systems don’t get the same oils or nutrients supplied to the follicles like natural hair. Conditioners, hair masks, and leave-ins can only do so much before it’s time to replace a dry hair system.  

Strong Persistent Odor 

Even if your client washes their system regularly, after having the wig or toupee for a while, some odors will persist even after washing. Both hair bases and the hair itself can get gunky as adhesive products like tape and glue are used. Odors can be caused by perspiration on the scalp and sweat buildup on the wig or toupee. It can be hard to fully clean the system when you’ve used it over a long period of time. If there’s an odor that won’t go away even after shampooing, recommend a new wig or toupee hair replacement system for your client. 

Brittle Base 

Most signs of wear are related to the hair itself but pay close attention to how the base of the hair system is holding up too. If you notice the base becoming brittle, it’ll be more prone to ripping or cracking. If they’re minor rips or cracks, they can be covered with tape, but this can feel uncomfortable on the scalp. Plus, anytime your client brushes or combs their hairpiece, the pulling and tension can cause the base to rip or tear even further. This can lead to the hair system falling off while wearing, which isn’t fun for anyone! 

How Often to Replace a Hair System Depends on Each Client 

If your client chooses to wear a wig everyday, choosing the right wig or toupee is essential for your clients to know which one will work best for them and last the longest with proper wig and toupee maintenance. If you notice a client’s hair system going downhill, advise them that it may be time to buy a new system.  

Looking at different wig and toupee costs will help them decide which to buy (and a good time to explain the benefits of having a backup hair system.) And last but not least, it’s essential to use high-quality hair system products, like Sunshine Tape, to keep your clients and their hair systems happy!