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It’s an inevitable part of life as we age, with hair loss and thinning becoming more apparent. However, it’s not something that can’t be addressed with a new great head of hair, thanks to a hair system! When your client searches for a hair system near me, they’re ready for a hair system for men application. That’s where you come in as a professional who has experience with hairpieces. 

But how do you ensure they get the most natural look possible? We have all of the tips you need for your clients to leave your chair satisfied! You want the best for your clients; it’s time to deliver.   

Mastering a Natural Style With a Hair System for Men 

There are many different types of hair replacement systems for men. The type of hair system is just one part of creating a natural look for your client. From application to styling, there are many ways to ensure your client leaves happy and no one realizes they’re wearing a hairpiece! 

Use these tips to get that natural look for hair systems: 

Find a Hairpiece That Suits the Client 

The first step is helping your client choose a hair system that works best for them. Ask your client if they prefer a natural or synthetic hair system. Human hair systems can generally be a bit more costly, but the quality and ability to mimic natural texture, shine, and movement are key. A custom hair system for men with the client’s exact measurements can also help for the best fit. 

Then, consider what type of hair system base they should choose. Lace or poly bases are thinner than other options and give the most natural-looking appearance. Poly skin bases are see-through and match the wearer’s skin tone, which helps them blend in naturally. It’s always a good idea to order two hair systems to keep in rotation for a consistent style.  

Use a Matte or No Shine Hair System Tape 

Next, choose the best hairpiece tape for your client to achieve a natural look. Some types of hair system tape can have a slight shine that might be visible for thinner systems like lace bases. When you notice that shine, it can make the hair system look less natural and more noticeable. In this case, no-shine tape will be the best choice with a more matte finish. Other hair systems for men can be compatible with a wide range of hair tapes; it all depends on their needs and the hairpiece they choose.   

Apply With a Layer of Hair System Glue 

Another application method that provides a natural result is liquid adhesives. Hair system glue allows you to apply adhesive covering the entire scalp. This can result in a hair system that lays perfectly flat on the client’s scalp with a precise attachment. There’s a range of hair glues to choose from, such as water, acrylic, or silicone-based, so see which works best for each client. 

Pay Close Attention to the Hairline 

It’s crucial to be careful with the placement of the hair system on the client’s scalp. If it’s too far back, the forehead will look too big. If it’s too far up, the opposite issue will occur with the forehead not having enough space from the hairline. Keep in mind the client’s age for an age-appropriate hairline placement to make it look as natural as possible.  

Next, focus on how you style the hair system after application. The goal is to blend the hairpiece with a thinner to fuller look with the hairline. You can use a blow dryer to dry under and along the hairline to disguise it more effectively. Avoid blow drying it completely up so the outline of the hairline is too noticeable. Find the right balance when styling for each client! 

Custom Cut and Blend with Natural Hair 

One of the most obvious giveaways that someone is wearing a hairpiece is when it doesn’t match the color or style of their natural hair. When your client comes to you with their hair system application, you can help them achieve the best look. If they have a human hair system, it makes it much easier to custom-dye or cut the hairpiece.  

Test out different hairstyles and match the look your client wants to achieve. Ensure the cut and color blend well with their natural hair density, color, texture, and style. When all of these elements line up, a hair system for men goes unnoticed and passes for their natural hair.  

Achieve a Natural Look for Your Clients They’ll Love 

Now that you’ve learned the tips and tricks, it’s time to stock up on the essential hair system products! Sunshine Tape offers everything you need with our high-quality options, including hair system tape and hair system glue. Visit our online store to check those items off your hair system for men shopping list!