Knowing how to style hair systems for men is a must when your clients come in for their toupee or hairpiece application. Adding those finishing touches to make your clients’ hair systems look their best is crucial to building a loyal clientele base. Getting a human or synthetic hair system for the first time could be daunting for your clients. With your expertise, you’ll ensure their hair systems look just as good as their natural hair! 

Use our hair style guide for helpful tips to style men hair systems:  

Brushing Hair Systems  

  • Use a brush made with a combination of boar bristles and synthetic bristles. These types of brushes detangle, improve texture and fight frizz while still being gentle on hair systems.  
  • Gently brush the hair system to remove any knots or tangles.  
  • Don’t tug or pull too firmly on hair systems to avoid damaging the hairpiece. 
  • Since men hair systems are shorter on the nape and sides, focus on the top part of the toupee.  
  • Use a comb specially designed to be gentle on hair systems to add more volume and part the hair how your client desires.  

Washing Hair Systems 

  • If your client hasn’t already washed their hair system, you’ll want to wash it before application so they have a fresh toupee.  
  • Always brush out and detangle hair systems before washing.  
  • Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner, preferably one specially formulated for hair systems.  
  • Keep the temperature of the water at a cold to lukewarm temperature rather than hot.  
  • If you plan to heat style, add a leave-in conditioner as well for extra hydration.  
  • Towel dry the hair system after rinsing out all products. 

Heat Styling Hair Systems 

  • Keep in mind that if your client has a synthetic hair system, they don’t hold up well to heat styling compared to human hair systems.  
  • For synthetic hair systems, instead of heated tools, use lukewarm water to straighten hair or set curls.  
  • When heat styling more delicate hair systems like lace bases, be extra careful to avoid damaging the base.  
  • Always apply a heat protectant to hair systems before heat styling.  
  • When using a blow dryer on hair systems, set the temperature to low or medium heat. 
  • Never use the hottest setting to avoid burning the base of the hair system. High heat can be damaging to hair systems, so it’s best to use lower heat levels when drying.  
  • Hold the blow dryer a few inches away from the hair system. Start blow drying where the hair is shorter, near the nape of the neck and sides of the face. Then work your way upward as you dry the rest of the hair system.  
  • Use a straightener or curling iron on human hair systems as needed with the same concept of using the lowest heat temperature setting.   
  • Make sure the hair system base is fully dry before continuing with styling.   

Styling Products on Hair Systems 

  • When using styling products on human hair systems, you can use hair sprays and gels as needed to get the right style.  
  • Thoroughly wash out all styling products afterwards to avoid product buildup in the hair system.  
  • Use styling products made for hair systems that are alcohol-free to avoid dryness or damage.  
  • Be careful when using styling products on synthetic hair systems, as they can damage synthetic fibers.  
  • Instead, style synthetic hair systems by using a spray bottle of water to dampen the hair system and use a comb or your fingers to achieve the desired style.  

Use the Best Products for Styling and Applying Hair Systems 

Stick to our hair style guide to maintain and style your clients’ hair systems to encourage repeat business with satisfied clients. Knowing how to properly apply men hair systems is your first level of expertise. Then adding that extra layer of a perfect style after the application finishes up the top-notch service you provide to your clients.  

If you’re looking for the best products for hair systems, Sunshine Tape has everything you need for application, maintenance, and styling. Start with our hairpiece shampoo and conditioner for lustrous and healthy hair systems. For extra hydrating, try our leave-in conditioner to keep those hair systems long-lasting. Once you have the hair systems prepped, next are the products you need for the application.   

When you’re ready to apply your clients’ hair systems, we have all the tape and liquid adhesive you’ll need to get the job done. For a variety of hair system types and client needs, you’ll find everything you need for a proper application. Don’t forget to stock up on hair system removers when your client is ready to take their hair system off for a fresh new look. Head to our online store to see everything we have to offer for all of your hair systems needs.