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If you work at or own a salon or barbershop, you likely have clients that come in for hair system applications. With so many different types of hairpiece tape out there, it can be intimidating trying to decide which type of hair tape to choose. Each client will have their unique needs and require a custom application service for the ultimate experience.  

So where do you begin when finding the best hairpiece tape for your client? Sunshine Tape has tape for every client's needs, so you won’t have trouble finding one that works best for your clients. Follow our steps ahead to choose the right hair tape for your client!  

Book a Client Consultation 

The first thing to do is have a client consultation to determine their lifestyle, hair system type, and preferences when wearing their hairpieces. Sometimes your client might already know what kind of hairpiece tapes they like. In this case, you can see if you have the same or similar tape on hand for their application. It’s important to ask questions about previous tapes they liked or didn’t like using in the past.  

Get to know their lifestyle—do they have an active lifestyle or live in a humid climate? Certain tapes hold better for active clients than others. Will they want to remove their hairpiece tape at the end of each day? Or do they want to wear their hairpiece for a few weeks without messing with it? This will help point you in the right direction for which hairpiece tapes to suggest.  

Take a look at the client’s hair system base to see which hair tape would work best with their particular hairpiece. For example, lace base, polyurethane base (skin base), and monofilament base hair systems each have particular types of tape that work best for each kind of base. Certain tapes might be too aggressive for more delicate hair systems. Once you figure out which base they have, it will help you narrow down more options.  

After having the client consultation, the next step is to perform a skin patch test. 

Perform a Skin Patch Test 

At this point, you’ve narrowed it down to a few different tapes. Now you’ll need to see if your client has any adverse reaction to the hairpiece tape. This is especially important if your client has informed you during the client consultation that they have sensitive skin or allergies. Regardless if they have sensitive skin or not, it’s always essential to test the tape ahead of time just in case.  

To perform a skin patch test, follow these steps:  

  • Prep the skin patch test area with a solution of at least 99% alcohol to clean the skin before you apply the hair tape.
  • Apply a small piece of hairpiece tape on your client in a place on the scalp where the skin is sensitive and visible such as behind the ear.  
  • Cover the hair tape with a protective bandage to keep it in place as the client goes about their day. The bandage also works as a barrier to the elements, which could change how the skin reacts. 
  • Allow the hairpiece tape to sit for at least 24 hours before checking for any signs of an adverse reaction. Some common symptoms of irritation include redness, itchiness, or a burning sensation. 

Once you get the results from the hairpiece tape skin patch test, you’re ready to choose the right hair tape for your client.   

Choose the Right Hair Tape  

Depending on the hairpiece tape skin patch test results and client consultation, you can choose the right hair tape for your client. Sunshine Tape has fourteen different hair tapes, each with its own qualities and purposes. Use the categories below to determine which of our hairpiece tapes will work best for your clients.  

Hairpiece Tape for Clients with Sensitive Skin  

  • 1522 Tape is a hairpiece tape that’s medical-grade and hypoallergenic for daily wear.  
  • Quick Aggressive Tape is a medical-grade hair tape that provides for easy cleanups. 
  • No Glue Tape is a versatile hairpiece tape with minimal residue.

Hairpiece Tape for Daily Wear Clients 

  • Base Tape works best with fragile hair systems as a gentle hold hair tape. 
  • Sunshine Tape is our signature hairpiece tape for a strong hold and simple cleanup.  
  • 1522 Tape proves to be an industry favorite hair tape providing an easy cleanup. 
  • Sunshine to Base Tape is engineered for fragile units with the perfect amount of tack.

Hairpiece Tape for Extended Wear Clients 

  • No Glue Tape has a dull shine and matte finish as a long-lasting hairpiece tape option.  
  • Quick Aggressive Tape is ideal for foil and net bases as a flexible and durable hairpiece tape. 
  • Liberty Red Tape is a hair tape that works best with polyurethane bases. 
  • Super Cloth Tape is a popular cloth-based hairpiece tape known for its reliability. 
  • Gold Cloth Tape is the perfect hair tape for lace or poly hair systems. 
  • Stick It Tape is a comfortable hair tape with a strong yet lightweight hold. 

Hairpiece Tape for Maximum Wear Clients 

Ready to place your order? Stock up on all of your client’s hairpiece tape and hair system essentials at the Sunshine Tape online store.