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As a hair system professional, you’ve likely used both hair tape and glue for your toupee and wig clients. In matters of hair tape vs glue, you’ll have some clients on team hair tape and others that swear by hair glue. There are pros and cons to using either option—it comes down to personal preference, hair system type, and your client’s individual needs.  

When you book your next hair system client, you’ll be fully versed in all things hair tape and hair glue for a smooth application process. So, which one will it be? Let’s get into the specifics of hair tape vs glue for your toupee and wig clients. 

Hair Tape for Hair Systems 

Hair tape is a popular choice for many toupee and wig wearers. Hair tape will either be available in tape rolls or contours. Hair tape rolls are best used around the perimeter of the hair system a few millimeters from the perimeter edge. For placement on the front hairline, we recommend using contour hair tape, as that area is better suited for contours.   

Pros and Cons of Hair Tape 

Let’s start with the pros of hair tape, the first being how easy and versatile hair tape is. You can find a wide range of hair tapes compatible with different types of toupee and wig bases. Another advantage is being able to prep ahead of time before your client comes in for their hair system appointment. You can prepare their hair system in advance by cutting and applying the hair tape onto the base, getting it ready for application. Even if you accidentally place it in the wrong spot, you can remove it and reapply it as needed.  

When it’s time to remove the hair tape, you can use a remover solvent to get the rest of the tape residue off your client and their hair system, which makes for an easy application and removal process. Hair tape is also a great choice for your clients who have sensitive skin because fewer chemicals are used to produce hair tape than hair glue (always do a skin patch test to determine if your client is allergic to any hair tape or glue).  

Since hair tape doesn’t cover the entire scalp or hair system, it allows for more breathability than glue as it covers the entirety of the skin. You can even look into hair tape with small holes for added breathability. Use these hole punch hair tapes for increased comfort of wear for clients that need it, like your more active clients or those that live in warmer climates.  

It is worth noting that hair tape can cause damage to more fragile toupee and wig bases such as thinner poly hair systems. Always purchase the correct strength and type of hair tape best suited for more delicate hair systems. Hair tape can also be more detectable near the front hairline area since hair tapes are thicker and more visible than hair glue.  

Hair Glue for Hair Systems 

Hair glue is available as a clear or white liquid adhesive that’s brushed onto the skin in solvent-based or water-based varieties. Solvent-based glue will dry faster and offer long-lasting hold and strength. Water-based glue is more sensitive skin friendly because it’s produced with fewer chemicals than solvent-based options.   

Pros and Cons of Hair Glue 

An advantage of hair glue is its durability and wear time, with an average wear time that’s typically longer than hair tape. It’s also highly invisible compared to hair tape as it’s transparent when applied to the scalp, which works well for the front hairline. Hair glue also allows for more precise application with fewer chances of air or gaps left under the toupee and wig bases. This is ideal for active clients who might get moisture in their hair system after swimming or sweating.  

The length of time required for the application of hair systems with hair glue is worth noting. After applying hair glue, the client must wait for it to dry before attaching the hair system. Both over-drying and under-drying can become an issue with hair glue’s effectiveness. Hair glue also takes more time to remove by soaking it in water or solvent, waiting for the adhesive to become loose, getting rid of residue, and then shampooing and rinsing.   

Choose the Best Option for Your Hair System Clients 

When it comes down to hair tape vs glue, which one you choose for your client will depend on their own preferences, skin type, and unique needs for their toupee and wig bases. Sunshine Tape carries tape rolls, contours, tabs, removers, and more to meet all of your client’s hair system needs. Choose the best Sunshine Tape products for your clients, and you’ll always have a happy client leaving your chair.