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Two is always better than one when it comes to your client's hair systems. If you want to maintain a loyal clientele base, providing the best hair system replacement experience will keep your clients booking their appointments. It’s your main priority to ensure you offer expert application of hair systems, which is why having backup hair is essential. That way, you’ll provide seamless service with a fresh base to build that strong bond with high-quality tapes and liquid adhesives for hair systems (that’s where Sunshine Tape shines!)

Make your client’s life easier (and yours!) when you recommend having two hair systems, as well as using top-of-the-line products for hair system replacement. No matter the adhesive method, this advice is a total game changer, more on why ahead!

Always Have Backup Hair with Two Hair Systems

When you advise your client to purchase two hair systems for a smooth hair system replacement process, they might want to know how much does hair system cost them. It depends on if they go with synthetic or real human hair, if it’s a toupee or wig, and what kind of base they choose. The price varies, so we’d recommend they go by what is best in their budget and personal hair replacement needs. 

Here are the reasons why you should advise your client to invest in two hair systems:

Offers the Best Salon Experience Possible

When your client comes in for their hair system replacement, you can have their backup hair system ready to apply when they arrive—no waiting to clean the hair system and having them spend an extended time at the salon. Then after you remove their current hair system, you can set that one aside and have it ready when they return for their next appointment. With each application, your clients will have the satisfying feeling of a fresh and clean hair system. 

Streamlines Appointments Efficiently

Having the hair systems ready to go not only improves the client experience but also shortens your appointment times and gives you more time to book other hair system replacement services as your clientele list grows. This will increase your client base and improve satisfaction with how quickly and smoothly the process is for you both. A perfect combo of benefits for quality service and more time saved for everyone involved. 

Builds Trust with Clients

Since you might only see your clients every few weeks or months, building that trust with your expertise and care is important. With your client having two hair systems, you can offer additional benefits such as hair system storage and emergency backup hair. These services are vital to ensure your client knows they can count on you to keep their hair safe and ready for them anytime. If their current hair system fails, they won’t have to wait to order a new one and can come straight to you for last-minute hair system replacement with that second system you’re storing for them.

Ensures Consistent Hair System Replacement

Consistency and quality of application for hair systems are in your control when you can safely store their second hair system. No worries about damaging heat or substances getting on the spare hair system. You can ensure it is kept in a temperature-controlled and clean environment that will ensure optimal hold times and extend the life of your client’s hair systems. When you alternate between two hair systems, each system has a break in between applications instead of being constantly worked on and exposed to various hair system replacement products. You can allow the hair systems to air dry instead of blow drying and avoid damaging heat styling, increasing the longevity of each hair system.

Use The Best Products for Your Client’s Hair Systems

Once your client has two hair systems, the next step to ensure ultimate client satisfaction is using the best products for the application and removal of their toupee or wig. That’s where we come in! At Sunshine Tape, find everything you need for hair system replacement, such as tapesliquid adhesivesremovers, and more. 

Place your order in our online store and stock up for your clients to provide professional and reliable service every time. Contact us with any questions—we’re here to guide you to the right products for your clients