Do you work with men’s hair systems at your salon or barber shop? When your clients are looking for a full head of hair, they’ll come to you for their hair system application. Having the flexibility and convenience of wearing a hairpiece gives your clients hair confidence again! However, they need to come back to you in a few weeks to clean and remove their hair system.  

Depending on the strength of the hairpiece adhesive, your clients might need to remove and reapply them in one to six weeks. Some clients with a hairpiece glued on like to remove it at the end of each day and reapply in the morning. Whatever their preference, you can guide them in deciding which adhesive remover is best for their needs. Do they need alcohol based or oil based remover? Let’s find out!   

Which Hairpiece Adhesive Remover Should I Use? 

When it’s time to remove a hairpiece glued on the scalp, you’ll need an adhesive remover to loosen the hair tape or glue. Having the right hairpiece supplies on hand is crucial to ensuring residue-free removal. If you’re wondering whether you should use an alcohol based or oil based remover, there are a few factors to consider. In some cases, you might need a combination of both to remove the hairpiece glued on and get rid of any leftover residue.  

Before figuring out what you need, take a look at the details for each type of hairpiece adhesive remover:  

Oil Based Remover  

If you want a fast-acting remover, try an oil based remover. When you use this type of hairpiece adhesive remover it works quickly and usually only needs one application to remove a hairpiece glued on. Hairpiece adhesive dissolves when it comes in contact with the oil based remover, which lets you remove the hairpiece without any issues. 

If it doesn’t loosen right away, add a little bit more oil based remover until the hairpiece comes off easily. The only thing to keep in mind is that this type of remover will leave behind an oily residue. Washing the hair system and the scalp with shampoo will help get rid of the leftover oil after removal. If your client has sensitive skin or wants an alcohol-free remover, choose an oil based remover. 

Sunshine Tape Oil Based Remover: 

  • Sunshine Oil Solvent – this gentle oil based remover works well with delicate hairpieces such as skin or lace-based.  
  • Sunshine Citr-O-Sol – an oil based remover with a fresh burst of citrus to help remove a hairpiece glued on with ease.  
  • Sunshine Citrus Cleaner – in need of a heavy-duty oil based remover? This blend of oil and citrus is amped up and ready to tackle the most aggressive stuck-on adhesive.  

Alcohol Based Remover  

While alcohol based remover takes a bit longer to work its magic, once it does, there won’t be any oily residue behind. If that’s something you prefer, then this is the way to go! Once it dissolves the adhesive, the alcohol will totally evaporate for a no-fuss cleanup.  

It may take repeat applications with an alcohol based remover to get rid of all of the adhesive completely. This remover can also be used to prep the scalp and clean it to remove any dirt, oil, or product build-up that might hinder the application. An alcohol based remover works well with lace and poly perimeters on lace or monofilament bases. 

Sunshine Tape Alcohol Based Remover: 

No Residue Left Behind with Sunshine Tape 

Ultimately, deciding on a hairpiece adhesive remover depends on your client. Find out the strength of the hairpiece adhesive they used, what type of hair system base they have, and if they have a preference for an alcohol based or oil based remover. Having several types of removers available for your clients is always a good idea. That way, you’re prepared for all hair system scenarios!  

Here’s a quick recap: 

  • An alcohol based remover works well for removal and prepping of the scalp. There’s no oily residue left behind as the alcohol dissolves after application. It does take slightly longer to set in and loosen the adhesive, so you might need to give it a few more sprays to get it going.   
  • An oil based remover is convenient for quick removals of hairpiece adhesive as it’s fast acting. You can find a variety of oil based removers with citrus or without in varying strengths. If your client wants an alcohol-free remover or has a sensitive scalp, an oil based remover is a great option.  

At Sunshine Tape, we’re always stocked up with all of the essential hairpiece supplies for hair system professionals. From hair tape and liquid adhesive to removers and skin prep, we have everything you need for application and removal. Shop now to find everything you need for your next hairpiece client!