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It’s one thing to master the art of toupee application, but it’s just as important to learn how to remove and clean hairpieces for reapplication. By implementing a hair care routine for your client’s hairpieces, you’ll ensure they’ll always leave your chair satisfied. Hair systems allow your clients to feel a renewed sense of confidence. Give them the best experience possible to build a loyal clientele base that trusts you with their hair.  

What goes into the removal process for hairpieces? We’ll cover everything you need to know, from how to remove them properly to cleaning the toupee and scalp after removal. Let’s leave no residue behind with refreshed hair systems and happy clients! 

Toupee Procedures for Removal 

What goes on must come off—we’re talking about hairpieces here. They aren’t meant to stay on forever! They’ll need to be removed regularly for hair replacement maintenance when getting ready to reapply. Some clients prefer to take their toupee off daily, and others want theirs to stay on for weeks at a time. It all depends on individual preferences. As a hair system professional, it’s integral to have a process in place for easy and effective removal.   

Gather Your Supplies  

Start by prepping your station before your client arrives for their hairpiece removal. Grab essential supplies such as a towel, shampoo, conditioner, wide-toothed comb, adhesive remover, and alcohol solution. Choose your adhesive remover based on the type of tape or hair glue the client used. You’ll also need an alcohol solution on hand to get rid of any stubborn residue.  

Apply the Adhesive Remover 

Once your client has arrived, it’s time to put your adhesive remover to work! Start by applying the adhesive remover around the edges and let it sit. Give it enough time to soak in for an easy removal process.   

Slowly Remove the Toupee 

After the edges of the toupee loosen, apply more remover until you can lift the entire hairpiece off the client’s scalp. Ensure you do this gently to avoid damaging the toupee or tugging on the client’s natural hair. 

Hair Care Routine after Removal 

Once the hairpiece is entirely off the client’s scalp, the next step is to give your client’s natural hair and scalp a bit of TLC. Depending on how long they have been wearing it, hairpieces can accumulate a lot of buildup on the scalp and hair. This part is crucial for creating a clean slate for the toupee application after removal.   

Remove Any Residue  

Use your alcohol solution to dissolve any leftover residue on the scalp. Use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe the client’s scalp until you see any adhesive left completely removed.   

Rinse, Shampoo, and Condition  

Use warm water to gently wash the client’s scalp and natural hair. Then apply a gentle shampoo, paying special attention to the area where the hairpiece is worn. Rinse the hair and then apply conditioner. Allow that to sit for a few minutes, then rinse.   

Dry and Comb Hair  

Pat their scalp and hair dry with a towel. Use the wide-tooth comb to remove any tangles in their natural hair. You can also apply a skin prep spray at this point to the scalp to get it ready for toupee application. 

Hair Replacement Maintenance for the Toupee  

Now that the hairpiece is removed and the scalp and natural hair are freshly washed, you’ll need to clean the toupee. Hairpieces can accumulate buildup from sweat, dirt, oil, and adhesives. You’ll need to get them clean and ready for reapplication! 

Clean the Toupee 

Fill the sink or basin with lukewarm water and add a small amount of shampoo formulated for hairpieces. Submerge the hairpiece in the water and gently wash it without excessive rubbing or wringing. Rinse the toupee and then apply conditioner. Let the conditioner sit and moisturize the hair before rinsing again. 

Dry the Hairpiece  

Use a clean towel to pat dry the hairpiece to remove excess water. Place it on a wig stand or mannequin head to keep its shape as it’s air drying. Avoid blow drying, but if you need to, use the lowest setting possible (this is why having two hairpieces is recommended so you have another one clean and ready to apply.)  

Apply and Style  

Once you have a dry hairpiece, you’re ready for application and styling! We’ve covered some styling tips for hair systems and tricks to smoothing and securing hair systems in our previous posts, so check those out for a flawless toupee application. 

Toupee Application and Removal Made Easy  

Follow these expert toupee procedures to ensure your clients are happy with their hairpieces! Knowing how to provide a professional toupee application and removal experience gives your clients a reason to always use your services in the future. Another way to keep those clients coming back is to have high-quality hair system products on hand. Sunshine Tape has everything you need for hairpiece application, removal, and maintenance. Visit our website to shop for tapes, removers, hair glue, and more!