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From hairpiece adhesive to removers, ensure your salon or barber shop has all of the essential products on hand for hairpiece application and removal. Each client will have a product for hair systems that works best for them. Whether that’s a preference for hairpiece glue versus hair tape or oil-based removers versus alcohol-based removers. No two clients will have the same needs when it comes to their hairpieces.  

Since every client is different, it’s important to explore different products that are suited for various hairpiece needs. But where do you start when deciding what to use? Our guide will help you find all of the products you need for hairpieces. Now, let’s start making your list of items to stock up on!  

The Best Hairpiece for Men Products  

Before your hairpiece client arrives, stock up on the essential products to apply and remove hairpieces. We’ll cover each main category of the product for hair systems and then give you our top recommendations. The goal is to have the right combination of products readily available to provide the best possible care for your clients.  

Add these essential staples to your shop inventory:  

Hairpiece Tape  

When it comes to sticking, hairpiece tape will provide a lasting hold. For your clients that have sensitive skin, we recommend 1522 Tape or No Glue Tape. Our Base Tape is ideal for fragile units and a top choice for daily wear. For clients looking for a longer wear timeframe, Hyper Hold Tape and Lace Front Hold Tape will get the job done!  

Hairpiece Glue  

For your hairpiece glue clients, choose from silicone, acrylic, or water-based. Use Sunshine Skin Safe Acrylic Adhesive Daily Wear or Sunshine Skin Safe White Glue Extended Wear for clients with sensitive scalps. Sunshine Silicone Daily Wear is a popular option for daily wear use with hairpieces. For stronger hold, Sunshine Silicone Elite Extended Wear, Sunshine Skin Safe White Glue Extended Wear, and Sunshine Silicone Elite Maximum Wearwill give your clients a long-lasting hold. 

Hairpiece Adhesive Remover  

What sticks must eventually come unstuck! For clients that want an alcohol-based remover, Sunshine Alcohol Remover is our top pick. If you’re looking for oil-based removers, our Sunshine Oil Solvent works great for delicate systems and sensitive skin. For the power of citrus, try our Sunshine Citr-O-Sol or Sunshine Citrus Cleaner to make clean-up easy.  

Skin Prep for the Scalp  

A step that’s often overlooked, our Skin Prep spray needs to be added to your rotation! This spray acts as a waterproof layer for the scalp, helps to extend hold time, and protects against irritation. Use this for your clients who live in humid climates or have an active lifestyle to prevent sweat and oil from affecting the hairpiece adhesive. Skin prep will be your new go-to hair system product to add to your collection!  

Determining Which Products to Use on Each Hairpiece Client 

Once your client is booked for their hairpiece appointment, you might wonder which products to use for their application or removal process. Some clients might prefer certain products or have different hair goals. Each product has its own unique qualities to fit a wide range of clients.  

Start here when deciding which product for hair systems to use for your client:  

Hairpiece Client Consultation

Schedule an in-depth client consultation to discover their wants and needs. Ask questions about their lifestyle, hair system type, and preferences for how they wear their hairpiece. This will help to determine whether you’ll use hairpiece glue or tape and which remover will work best for those.   

Client Skin Patch Test   

Next is testing out the hairpiece glue or tape chosen for the client on their skin. This helps to see if your client has any adverse reaction to the hairpiece adhesive. For clients that have sensitive skin or any allergies, this step is crucial! Even if the client doesn’t have sensitive skin or allergies, it’s always good practice to test the skin to be sure.   

Use High-Quality Hairpiece Products for Your Clients 

As you build your hair system clientele, having products that your clients love makes all the difference. You want them to continue to come back to see you for their future hairpiece appointments. Having a combination of expert service and high-quality hairpiece products will build that loyal client base.  

At Sunshine Tape, we pride ourselves on creating the best hair system products at an affordable price. From hairpiece adhesives such as hair tape and hairpiece glue to fast-acting and effective removers, you’ll find everything you need in one place! Visit our website to start shopping now and grab all of the essentials for your next hairpiece client.