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The key to providing the best service for your hair system clients is by giving them a top-notch experience. With a combination of your expertise and high-quality hair system products, your clientele list will continue to grow. Along with hair tapes and liquid adhesives that keep your clients happy, you’ll also need toupee, wig, and hair extension remover. Whether you go with a hair oil remover or hair remover spray, it’s essential to have various options to meet your client’s needs.  

What Are Remover Solutions? 

Hair system and hair extension remover solutions can either be an oil, spray, or topical liquid. The hair remover spray is used on wigs, toupees, or hair extensions to remove the glue or tape adhesive from the hair system and the client’s hair and scalp. Hair oil remover is gentler on delicate hair systems that need a mild remover solution. Alcohol-based removers are more aggressive but highly effective for higher-tack adhesives.  

Professional hairstylists can use hair extension remover for tape-in extensions or hair remover spray to dissolve the adhesive from wigs or toupees. The type of remover solution used will depend on the client’s specific hair system needs. Keep reading for the best remover solutions your barber shop or salon should have in stock! 

Add These Removers to Your Stock List 

If you’re looking to stock up on toupee, wig, and hair extension remover, look no further! Sunshine Tape offers four different types of removers to tackle any hair system removal you encounter. No residue will be left behind when you stick with us.  

Sunshine Oil Solvent 

When your client needs an alcohol-free remover, our Sunshine Oil Solvent will be their go-to choice. This remover solvent is gentle and oil-based, ideal for delicate hair systems such as those with lace bases. Using an oil-based solvent breaks down adhesives quickly and is an excellent alternative to alcohol removers. This pick is great for clients with more sensitive skin with its fast-acting formula that rinses off with soap and water.  

Sunshine Alcohol Remover  

A versatile option, our Sunshine Alcohol Remover will help you prep, clean, and remove adhesives from your client’s scalp and hair system. If your client prefers a quick clean-up without oily residue, this remover evaporates entirely after use. Remember that using an alcohol-based remover means it’s a bit slower to break down the adhesives in exchange for less clean-up afterward. This type of remover can be harsher on the skin, so don’t use an alcohol solvent on your clients with more sensitive skin.  

Sunshine Citrus Cleaner 

For use on extra strong adhesives, our powerful Sunshine Citrus Cleaner is a heavy-duty remover option for your clients. You won’t find a stronger remover solution than our formula! Use this cleaner on durable mono hair systems that can handle a higher-strength remover. No need to soak your client’s hair system for an extended amount of time. This cleaner is ultra-effective with a fast-acting formula.   

Sunshine Citr-O-Sol 

For a winning combination in both the strength and comfort categories, our Sunshine Citr-O-Sol is the answer. This hair remover spray creates a perfect blend of citrus and oil to remove all types of hair tapes and glues. Get rid of all traces of adhesives without being too harsh on your client’s scalp or hair system with this winning formula. This remover is safe for all hair system types providing a fast and efficient breakdown of adhesives.  

How To Use an Adhesive Remover Solution 

Once you choose the best wig, toupee, and hair extension remover based on your client’s needs, it’s time to get to work! If your client asks you, “how long does a toupee last?” this all depends on how they care for their hairpiece and whether it’s applied smoothly and securely or not. Let them know they’re in good hands with your services to help extend the life of their hair system.  

With the proper toupee application and removal technique, your client will become a loyal patron of your services. The first step is choosing the best adhesive remover—now it’s time to put the solution to the test. It’s important to provide effective removal of the hair system adhesives to keep the scalp free of irritation putting your client’s comfort first.  

Follow these steps to remove hair system adhesives: 

  1. Apply the adhesive remover and let it sit on your client’s scalp. 
  2. Give the remover enough time to soak in (this helps with the removal process!)  
  3. If the hair system is still sticking to the scalp, give it more time to soak in or apply more remover until you can successfully lift the system.  
  4. Clean any adhesive residue on your client’s scalp and hairpiece with a microfiber towel. 
  5. Wash your client’s scalp with shampoo and water to remove leftover residue.  

And there you have it! The best removers for your clients with a combination of the proper technique will get the job done right. If you have any further questions about our products or how to use them, contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.