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Each one of your hair system clients will have unique hair needs for their toupee adhesives. If they’ve never used hair glue before, help them decide if it’s right for them! Glue for toupees is an excellent option for many clients, with several different types of hair glue to choose from, like acrylic, water-based, or silicone formulas.  

Make it simple for your glue on toupee clients by providing them with all the details they need for each type of hair glue. For your clients who want to try hair glue, we’ll go over all of the benefits of using glue on toupee hairpieces. Then, we’ll provide recommended hair glue products based on how long they hold. Stick with us for all of this ahead! 

What are the Benefits of Glue for Toupees? 

When your client comes in for their hair system application, you’ll either reach for hair glue or tape. Is your client curious about glue on toupee options with liquid adhesives? Provide them with the information needed to make their choice. If your client is considering trying hair glue, check out these top benefits of glue for toupees! 

Natural-Looking Finish 

With hair glue, one of the best qualities is how it dries clear and appears virtually undetectable on the scalp. Applying a thin layer of hair glue leaves little to no shine for your clients. Because it’s transparent, this allows for a natural-looking front hairline when wearing a glue on toupee. Create a seamless blend between the hairpiece and the client’s existing hair with liquid adhesive.  

Provides a Strong Hold 

When your client wants to wear their glue on toupee for an extended time, liquid adhesives are long-lasting. Part of this is due to how hair glue is applied on the scalp and hair system without any gaps. You can apply more than one layer to ensure the hair glue holds for as long as possible.  

Ultimate Comfort 

With the solid allover hold hair glue provides, clients can expect a comfortable fit no matter what activity they’re doing. Your active clients can feel free to work out, go swimming, or sweat when wearing a glue on toupee without issue. A thin layer of hair glue acts as a waterproof layer over the scalp, reducing the chances of irritation from sweat or oil on the scalp.   

Allows for Precise Application   

Hair glue is applied with a brush for extra flexibility and contouring abilities, ensuring you have adhesive exactly where needed. This also helps to avoid creating spaces or gaps where air or water could seep through the glue on toupee. Depending on the client's needs, hair glue can be applied all over the toupee base or just the perimeter. 

Easy to Maintain  

Not only is hair glue easy to apply, but it’s also simple to maintain and remove. Using glue for toupees creates a water-resistant bond so wearers can shampoo and style their hairpieces without issue. When it’s time for removal, various adhesive removers can be used to easily detach the glue on toupee and clean up any residue.  

How Long Does a Glued Hairpiece Last? 

Although hair glue helps to create a super strong bond, your clients will have varying desires when it comes to wear time. They might ask to learn more about glue on toupee how long does it last, etc. The short answer: it depends! This all comes down to whether you apply a daily, extended, or maximum-wear hair glue hold strength.  

Use the Best Glue on Toupee Products for your Clients 

Hair glue offers your glue on toupee clients many benefits, such as a natural finish, strong hold, comfort, ease of maintenance, and precise application. Your clients will have different hair needs with various hair system bases and skin sensitivities requiring specific adhesives.  

Glue for toupees is available in water-based adhesives,which are non-flammable and gentle on sensitive skin types. There are also silicone adhesives for ultimate waterproof durability. For an extra-long hold, opt for acrylic adhesives that are skin-safe. Help your clients choose the best sunshine tape products for them! 

For all of your hair system essentials, from hair glue and tape to removers, you’ll find everything you need with Sunshine Tape. Ensure your salon or barber shop is stocked with our high-quality products for your clients. Visit our website to shop and discover the top hair system products in the industry!