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Did you know the type and quality of your products can dramatically affect the comfortability and durability of toupees and wigs? If your client has a sensitive scalp, your hair replacement system application process requires even greater care. There are a variety of adhesive products on the market, many of which include harsh, irritating ingredients. Choosing the right products ensures your clients will not only look good, but they’ll feel good too.

At Sunshine Tape Products, you can feel confident knowing our adhesives are made in the U.S. with high-quality, hypoallergenic ingredients. Here are some of our must-have hair replacement products for sensitive scalps.

 Sunshine Tape Skin Prep

Skin Prep

As one of our signature products, Sunshine Skin Prep serves a number of purposes. Skin Prep was designed to form a protective layer across sensitive scalps. This product is especially effective for clients in hot, humid weather or those who live an active lifestyle that leaves them sweaty. In addition to preventing irritation, applying skin prep in advance of a liquid or tape adhesive also improves the bond for toupee or wig adhesion.

 Sunshine Tape Daily Wear

Daily Wear


Skin Safe Acrylic Adhesive Daily Wear

This is one of our most popular daily wear adhesive liquids, and for a good reason. This acrylic-based product is a thinner toupee adhesive that’s completely skin-safe. It works especially well on lace bases, skin bases, and poly perimeters. Not only will your sensitive-scalp clients love the feel of their new style after application, they’ll also love the fact that it cleans up easily. 

1522 Tape

Toupee tapes can be exceptionally irritating to those with sensitive scalps as they lay on the head for days or weeks at a time. Our 1522 tape is made of medical-grade, completely hypoallergenic properties. The quality of this tape is unmatched, and so is the ease with which stylists and barbers can remove it.

 Sunshine Tape Extended Wear

Extended Wear


Skin Safe White Glue Extended Wear

Some clients prefer to avoid the hassle of daily applications. Instead, they opt for a hair replacement system that can be worn for longer periods of time. That’s where a reliable product like Skin Safe White Glue Extended Wear comes in. As a water-based product, this liquid adhesive is powerful enough to securely hold lace bases or monofilament bases for 3-5 weeks, while being gentle enough on the most sensitive scalps. It’s truly a best-of-both-worlds toupee adhesive. 


Super Lace Tape

Lace systems and wigs typically call for a trickier application, but not with our Super Lace Tape! This extra-strong tape is the perfect toupee tape for extra-sensitive scalps. The hypoallergenic and medical-grade quality is unrivaled, and your clients will be able to feel it. With a hold time of 2-4 weeks, this versatile tape will be a client favorite.

Do you have questions on which of Sunshine Tape Products’ adhesives are right for your business and clients? Contact our team, and we’ll ensure you have everything you need to send all of your clients home happy.