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Barbers, stylists, and salon owners have many choices for toupee tapes and hair replacement system adhesives. Choosing the right adhesive type ensures an effective hold and a happy client. Pre-cut toupee tape contours are a great way to simplify the application process. They are pre-designed and pre-shaped to fit standard hair replacement systems, saving you ample time during installation.

With pre-cut contours, your application technique is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Peel the scored line on strips and contours (avoid touching the adhesive!).

Step 2: Place the exposed tape onto the system wherever you feel is best.

Step 3: Remove the remaining liner, and apply the system to your client's scalp.

Here are some of our best-selling double-sided toupee tape contours you’ll always want to have on hand.



Sunshine Tape Hyper Hold


Hyper Hold is one of our most popular aggressive-strength toupee tape contours. It is virtually invisible due to its dull finish and is an excellent option for all types of bases. If your clients prefer a low-maintenance hair replacement style with an extended wear, Hyper Hold contours are the ideal choice. With proper application and maintenance, hair systems applied with Hyper Hold can last up to six weeks.

Sunshine Tape Super Lace


We know lace systems can be more challenging to work with, so we wanted to simplify the adhesive process for you! Our Super Lace tape contours offer barbers and stylists a high tack yet easy-to-remove option that typically lasts between two and four weeks. This low-residue toupee tape is versatile enough to also be used as a lace system touch-up tape.


Sunshine Tape No Glue


Our customer-favorite No Glue wig tape offers a strong, reliable hold of up to two weeks. No Glue leaves behind minimal residue making both application and removal seamless. Plus, its dull shine blends perfectly with the skin, making it barely noticeable under lace systems.



Sunshine Tape 1522


When it comes to daily wear tapes, 1522 is an industry classic. Our Sunshine Tape 1522 is loved for its skin-safe properties, simple application, and easy clean up. This daily wear contour tape is usually changed out daily, though if properly maintained, can last up to seven days.

Sunshine Tape Quick Aggressive


Quick Aggressive is another daily wear contour that our European customers can’t get enough of. This flexible toupee tape is perfect for foil and net adhesive surfaces, and lasts between one and two weeks. While it is more aggressive than 1522, it still provides users with an easy clean-up.


No matter which with Sunshine Tape contour adhesives you choose, know you’re always getting high-quality, medical-grade products made 100% in the USA. Have questions on which contour options will be best for your clients? Drop us a line, and our experts will walk you through each of our top sellers!