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Your clients turn to you to bring their hair replacement vision to life. Are you prepared with the best products possible to make it happen consistently? Having a variety of high-quality adhesives to choose from is imperative for barbers and stylists to achieve natural-looking, confidence-boosting hairstyles. No matter what type of hair replacement system you’re using, we have the perfect tape adhesive for you. We offer 11 different adhesive toupee tape rolls uniquely designed for various hair replacement system bases and the desired length of wear.


While each formulation is unique, there are a number of key qualities all our tape rolls have in common:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Medical-grade
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Industry-leading shelf life
  • Private label options


Here are just a few of our best-selling tape rolls for various uses:


For an Extra Strong Hold:

If your clients are seeking a low-maintenance, long-lasting look, you need a toupee tape that can deliver. The Hyper Hold, Super Lace, and Lace Front tapes are best known for their strength and extended wear time.

Sunshine Tape Hyper Hold Toupee Tape


Hyper Hold

The Hyper Hold Tape Roll is the most aggressive hair replacement tape you’ll find on the market. Its flexible qualities and stretch capabilities ensure the perfect fit every time. Though it can be used with every base type, this toupee and wig tape is frequently used with mesh units as it features a virtually unnoticeable matte finish. The average hold time is between four and six weeks, significantly reducing the number of times your clients must return for reapplications.

Sunshine Tape Super Lace Hair Replacement Tape


Super Lace

Strong, yet simple to remove – does it get better than that? Our Super Lace toupee tape was specially designed for those temperamental lace hair replacement systems and wigs. The exceptionally high tack ensures your client’s toupee will last at least two weeks and up to four weeks. It shapes beautifully to the scalp and can even be used as a touch-up tape for other lace hair replacement systems.

Sunshine Tape Lace Front Hold Hair Replacement Tape


Lace Front Hold

Our Lace Front Hold hair replacement tape is another option that’s ideal for lace systems and front wigs. This is our version of the industry standard “Blue Liner.” The tape uses a nylon carrier for easy application and seamless removal. Once you remove the adhesives, you’ll notice that this clear tape with a matte finish has a natural-looking, non-shiny effect. Your clients will also appreciate the maximum wear, which typically lasts between two and four weeks.


For Daily Wear:

Are you looking for a simple adhesive that can be applied daily? The 1522 and Liberty Red options are durable and comfortable for daily wear.

Sunshine Tape 1522 Daily Wear Tape



The 1522 tape is an industry and Sunshine Tape customer favorite. This daily wear tape is excellent for those with sensitive skin as it is mild and gentle on the scalp. Plus, your clients will love how quick and easy it is to clean up and reapply the system.

Sunshine Tape Liberty Red Extended Wear Tape


Liberty Red

If you’re working with polyurethane units, the Liberty Red Tape Roll is for you. Despite its red liner, this double-sided, clear tape is perhaps best known for its secure hold and seamless clean-up. Though it can be used for a more extended wear, clients typically love using it for daily wear.


For Easy Removal:

The following tapes are perfect for those clients with sensitive scalps that prefer a quick and simple clean-up.


Sunshine Tape Signature Toupee Tape


This signature tape is one of our favorites – hence the name! While the wear can last anywhere from five days to two weeks, the best part about Sunshine toupee tape is its virtual invisibility and incredibly easy removal. Simply peel the tape right off with minimal residue. Many stylists and barbers choose to use it daily for this reason.

Sunshine Tape No Glue Adhesive Tape


No Glue

The versatile No Glue adhesive tape is a longer-lasting adhesive that provides at least two weeks of reliable wear but leaves minimal residue behind. It’s loved by clients and stylists alike due to its solid reliability. No Glue also features a matte finish that works well with lace hair replacement systems.


Our tapes are known worldwide for their consistent applications, reliable holds, hypoallergenic ingredients, and medical grade quality. With so many toupee tapes to choose from, there is a solution for every client. Stylists and barbers love our tape rolls as they are incredibly flexible and can be cut to any desired size. All Tape Roll types are also available as convenient Tape Contours.


Are you trying to find the perfect hair replacement tape for your clients? Get in touch, and we’ll help you find the perfect array of Sunshine Tape for your barbershop, salon, or studio.