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As a hair system specialist, whether you own a salon or barbershop or have worked with toupees and hair pieces in your career, you know how important the toupee tape is! It needs to be high-quality and perform at its best for happy clients to leave your chair after their toupee application. But what factors go into choosing hair piece tape that your clients will love? 

That’s where we come in! We’ve got the tape, and you’ve got the hair system clients. We’ll cover all of the advantages of using our toupee tape and mention some of our customer favorites. Not all tapes stick equally, and we’re here to show you just how ours are a cut above the rest!  

The Benefits of Using Our Hair Piece Tape 

When your client comes in for their hair system appointment, you’ll first have to determine whether they want to use hair tape vs glue adhesive. If they’ve made their decision to use hair piece tape, they’ve made a great choice! We love the versatility that toupee tape allows for each client who steps foot into your shop or salon. But now, you have to choose a hair system tape that you can count on to meet your customers’ needs.  

Here are the top reasons why your clients will love our toupee tape:  

Easy to Apply  

Grab a roll and get ready to apply those hair systems. Our tapes come in rolls or contours for your convenience (and to make your life easier!). You can trust that our tapes will perform every time you get ready for your next tape for toupee application.  

Comes in a Variety of Options  

With fourteen different tapes to choose from, your clients will have all of the options they need. Whether they want daily or extended wear toupee tape, we have a solution. Each one of our tapes is unique and compatible with many different types of toupees and bases. 

Option to Prep in Advance  

This one helps both you and your client! With our hair piece tape, you can prep ahead of time before your client comes in for their appointment. Before your client arrives, you can cut and apply the hair tape onto the base to get it ready for application. Save yourself and the client time by being efficient and having our tape on hand! 

Can Adjust as Needed 

Let’s say you accidentally place some of our toupee tape on the wrong spot, you can easily remove it and reapply it as needed. You don’t have to worry about our tape falling apart or being difficult to maneuver. Quickly fix the misstep and continue the process without the headache of tape that won’t cooperate.  

Suitable for Sensitive Skin 

Our toupee tape is suitable for sensitive skin as it’s made with medical-grade materials (our 1522 Tape and Super Lace Tapeboth have hypoallergenic properties!). Of course, always perform a skin patch test to determine if your client is allergic or sensitive to any hair tape you use.  

Allows for Breathability 

When you use our hair piece tape, it won’t cover the entire scalp or hair system, which allows for more breathability than if they used hair glue. We also offer tapes with comfortable and breathable wear, such as our Blue Hole Punch Tape, which is ideal for clients in warmer climates.  

Hassle-Free Removal 

When it’s time to remove your client’s toupee tape, use an adhesive remover for an easy and mess-free cleanup. Depending on the strength of the tape used, let the adhesive sit to give the remover enough time to work its magic. Then remove the tape and get ready for the next application! 

High-Quality Hair System Tape for Happy Clients 

Building that loyal clientele base for your hair system clients means ensuring they always leave satisfied with their hair. Using our hair tape means your clients will have an application experience that exceeds their expectations. With your expertise in application and ours in hair tape, we’d say it’s a great match! 

Having hair piece tape that lasts and happy clients means everything to your business. We don’t take that lightly and understand that, being in the hair industry for over 35 years, we aren’t called Sunshine Tape for nothing! When you use our tape for toupee application, you can expect to have a client that’s fully content with how their hair looks and the performance of our toupee tape.  

See the quality for yourself! Head to our website to shop our tape rolls and stock up on all of your hair system essentials!