Giving your client the best possible experience for their men's hair system application starts with how well the hair system adhesive holds up! When looking at hair system glue vs. tape, hair glue provides a natural-looking finish with precise application. It’s important to find the right hair system adhesive for each of your clients. 

If you’re looking for the best glue for hair systems, we have all of the details and product recommendations you’ll need! We’ll go over the different types of hair glue, so you know exactly what to use for your next hair system client. Stick with us, we’ve got you covered!  

What Are the Different Types of Hair System Adhesive? 

When you’re getting ready to apply a men's hair system, the choice of hair glue depends on your client’s preferences and unique hair needs. There are three main types of hair system adhesive to choose from, whether that’s acrylic, silicone, or water-based formulas.  Not sure what the differences are? Let’s get into it!  

Acrylic-Based Adhesives  

Looking for a strong bond for your clients? Acrylic-based adhesives provide a solid bond that goes on clear and is skin-safe. This type of hair glue offers a no-mess clean-up. Your clients will have a waterproof layer of hair system adhesive that lasts when you use acrylic hair glue! 

Sunshine Tape Acrylic-Based Adhesives: 

Silicone-Based Adhesives  

Your clients will love silicone-based adhesives with an easy, damage-free cleanup after wear. Silicone hair system adhesive has a waterproof formula, which is great for active clients who need a stronger hair glue hold. They’re also gentle enough for sensitive skin types with medical-grade, non-toxic ingredients. This glue provides a flexible, invisible bonding during wear.

Sunshine Tape Silicone-Based Adhesives: 

Water-Based Adhesives 

White glue water-based adhesives are non-flammable and are easy to apply due to their non-stringy consistency (which also makes for an easy and quick clean-up when removing). These hair glues go on white and dry clear, so you know when to apply the men's hair system. If your client has sensitive skin, these glues work well for them with a low odor and bacteria-resistant formula. 

Sunshine Tape Water-Based Adhesives: 

Now that we’ve covered the main types of hair system adhesive, it’s time to apply your client’s hair system!  

How to Apply Liquid Adhesive for Hair Systems 

Are you ready to use hair glue to apply a men's hair system? There are a few key steps to remember that involve prep and application for hair systems. Follow these tips for a smooth and secure finish

Step 1: Perform a Skin Patch Test  

Start by testing the hair system adhesive on a small area of your client’s skin before applying the men's hair system. This way, you can ensure your client isn’t allergic to any ingredients, and you look for signs of irritation after applying the glue.   

Step 2: Clean the Scalp with an Alcohol Solution 

Use an alcohol remover solution to clean the scalp and remove any leftover adhesive residue, oil, dirt, and dead skin. When you do this, you can ensure a strong bond with the hair glue and the scalp.   

Step 3: Brush the Hair Glue onto the Scalp 

Using the applicator brush, apply a thin, even layer to coat the scalp. Then, blow dry until the hair system adhesive has a tacky texture. If needed, apply another coat, repeating the process.  

Step 4: Apply the Hair System 

Carefully position the men's hair system and press it down onto the scalp. Firmly hold it down for about 10 seconds to properly adhere it with the hair glue.   

And there you have it! Hair glue is an excellent option for your clients with a quick application process that works for all types of hair systems.   

Use Only the Best Glue For Hair Systems 

Having a variety of hair glues available to use on your clients is essential! With water, acrylic, and silicone hair system adhesives on hand, you’ll be able to accommodate any client who sits in your chair. Now all that’s left is to stock up on all of the men's hair system essentials! From hair glue and tape to removers and skin prep, Sunshine Tape has everything you need. Impress your clients by only using the best glue for hair systems!