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When working with hairpieces for men, it’s important to let your clients know how to care for their new hair system properly. Having a hair routine for their hairpiece helps to prevent damage, make it last longer, and keep it in the best condition possible. Some hair system clients don’t want to take their hairpiece off before bed and put it back on in the morning (which is understandable!) They’d rather use a daily wear adhesive for their hair system to remove in the evening.  

But what about your clients wanting to wear their hair systems longer? This applies to clients who choose a maximum or extended hold of a couple of weeks to a month for their hairpiece. In this case, sleeping with hair systems will be part of the day-to-day hair routine for those clients.  

How will they sleep soundly without damaging their hairpiece? Our guide will help! Point your hair system clients in the right direction with our expert tips. 

Nighttime Routine for Sleeping with Hair Systems 

It’s time to hit the hay! But you don’t want your client to damage their hairpiece while they’re sleeping. The secret to having long-lasting hairpieces for men that look and feel as great as possible starts with a nighttime hair routine. There are a few ways your clients can ensure they get a good night's sleep and good hair when they wake up! 

Get ready for bed with these hairpiece tips:   

Dry the Hair System Completely  

Never go to bed with wet hair, period (this especially applies to hairpieces for men!). When hair is wet, it has a higher chance of getting matted or tangled. It’s also more prone to damage when wet, which can also lead to excess shedding. Allow the hair to fully dry before sleeping on it. Clients can use a blow dryer if needed, but advise them to use the lowest heat setting possible and limit heat styling when possible.   

Brush Out Any Tangles 

Gently brushing or combing the hairpiece is an essential step before sleeping with hair systems. This helps to get out any tangles or knots before bedtime. It also reduces the chances of more knots and tangles forming while sleeping. Have your clients use a brush or comb that’s non-damaging on the hairpiece. Wide tooth combs or brushes with looped or nylon bristles work best!   

Ensure the Hairpiece is Secure  

If the hair system feels slightly loose, it’s possible it can lift further or move around during the night. If the hairpiece feels a bit loose, it might be time to have it removed and reapplied to secure the hair system. Using extended-wear tape will ensure clients don’t have any issues with hairpieces coming off while they sleep.  

Here are a few maximum hold hair adhesive options for your clients: 

  • Hyper Hold Tape: This is our most aggressive hold tape for hairpieces for men that lasts up to a month! Your client won’t have to worry about their hairpiece going anywhere as they sleep.  
  • Sunshine Silicone Elite - Maximum Wear: For a high-quality medical-grade liquid adhesive, you can’t go wrong with this pick! Your clients can expect this adhesive to hold for four to five weeks.  
  • Lace Front Hold Tape: Use this option for lace front base hair system clients. They can wear this hair tape for two to four weeks, day and night.  

Choose the Right Pillowcase  

This is an easy way to make an impact on the longevity of a hairpiece. Standard pillowcases are generally made from cotton or polyester fibers, which can be harsh on hairpieces for men. When sleeping on these pillowcases, it creates friction on the hair system, which can lead to tangling and damage. Go with a silk or satin pillowcase that’s much smoother and reduces the damage caused by moving at night.  

Wear a Protective Hairpiece Cover  

If your client is looking for ways to keep their hair system intact during their slumber, a sleeping cap or silk scarf can help. They’ll help keep the hairpiece in place and reduce the chances of damage from tossing and turning at night. The least amount of friction on hairpieces for men the better! This adds that extra layer of security so your clients can sleep soundly, knowing their hair system is protected.  

Keep Hairpieces for Men Looking Their Best 

When sleeping with hair systems, share these hair routine tips with your clients for long-lasting hairpieces for men. Along with proper hairpiece care, make sure you’re stocked up with all of the best hair system essentials. From hair tapes and liquid adhesives to removers and haircare products, Sunshine Tape has everything you need for your hair system clients!