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Hairpieces allow your clients to change their look as they please! The goal is to find a hair system that blends naturally with the rest of their hair. Your job is to help them choose the right hair system and hair glue to go along with it. Some clients may ask you about hairpiece glue, and we’ve got your answers!  

From daily to extended and maximum wear hair glue, how long does hair glue last? Our hair system experts at Sunshine Tape are ready to walk you through all of your clients’ options. Stick with us, we’re here to help!  

How Long Can I Leave a Hairpiece Glued On? 

This is a common question we hear from hair system clients. The quick answer: it depends! Some hair systems can go weeks without needing to be removed, while others might need a reapply after a week. Before answering this question in more detail, there are a few different factors to consider.  

The amount of time your client can leave their hairpiece glued on depends on: 

  • The material the hair system is made of 
  • The type of hair glue they used 
  • Their skin type and lifestyle 
  • The climate/temperature and how much they sweat 
  • How often they want to clean and reapply their hairpiece 

No matter how long they wear their hairpiece, always give your client’s scalp and natural hair some time to breathe in between applications. Giving everything a thorough wash for a fresh application is also beneficial. Having two hair systems helps them to be able to rotate them in between wears seamlessly!   

What Type of Hair Glue Should I Use? 

When thinking about which type of hairpiece glue you should use on your client, consider how long they plan to leave their hairpiece glued on. If you’re wondering, “How long does glue on hairpieces last?” this all depends on the strength and wear time of the hair glue you choose. You’ll also need to take into account the adhesives that work best with their hair system base and skin type (always perform a skin patch test to see if they have sensitivities or allergies to specific glue ingredients.)  

Start with these hair glue types based on what works best for your client: 

Daily Wear Adhesive  

If your client plans to remove their hairpiece at the end of the day, daily wear strength is ideal for their needs. This level of hairpiece glue strength can last up to 2 weeks, so they can plan on that being the max hold time if needed.  

Try these daily wear hair glue options: 

Extended Wear Adhesive  

When they’d rather have their hairpiece stay put for up to a month or so, extended wear will be their go-to! We get it, sometimes, it’s nice not to worry about your hair for a while! These hair glues will give your clients a wear time of roughly 3-4 weeks, give or take.  

Try these extended wear hair glue options: 

Maximum Wear Adhesive 

For the ultimate hold that won’t budge, it’s time to call in the maximum wear adhesives! These are the most heavy-duty and aggressive hold hairpiece glue available. Depending on your client’s lifestyle and hairpiece maintenance, expect these glues to hold for up to 5 weeks.  

Try these maximum wear hair glue options: 

Pro Tip: Use our skin prep spray as a hair glue protection for a waterproof layer between your client’s scalp and the hair glue.  

Find All of the Hair System Essentials With Sunshine Tape 

Help your clients decide which hair glue to use based on their hair system needs. Do they want to wear their hairpiece for the day and take it off at night? They can! Or would they rather wear their hair system for two weeks at a time? That’s possible, too! Go with what works best with your client’s lifestyle and preferences.  

Now that you know how long hairpiece glue lasts, it’s time to stock up on them all so your clients have options! Sunshine Tape has all of the hair glue you need, along with removers, hair tape, and hairpiece care products. You can count on us to provide all of your hair system essentials in one place!