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If you’re a stylist and have had clients that use system hair products, you’ve probably encountered all different types of requests based on their personal preferences. Most of the time, when a client gets a hair system applied, they’re looking to wear them for weeks at a time before having to reapply. 

Though there are clients out there who’d like to use hair products for hair systems designed for daily use. This way, they can put their wig or toupee on in the morning and take it off in the evening. Specific hair products for everyday use are available for these clients with easy daily wear options for hair systems.

Now, the question is, “what are the best hair products for daily use?” Keep reading to find out!

Our Top Hair Products for Everyday Use

If your client is looking for the best system hair products to use for daily wear, Sunshine Tape has several options to choose from. When your client asks you, “how many hair products should I use?” it depends on what their specific hair system needs are. Once you do a consultation with them, you’ll be able to choose the best products for your clients

Whether they need tape rolls, liquid adhesives, or removers, we’ve rounded up the must-have products for daily wear:

Daily Wear Tape Rolls

Sunshine Tape is our world-famous tape with a superb hold and simple cleanup. This tape tacks onto hair systems with ease. Using this tape for daily wear works well because it peels right off with little to no residue. It’s barely visible and can be used with a variety of hair systems, making it a top choice for hair products for everyday use.

Base Tape has a gentle hold and is best for more fragile hair systems. This single-sided tape is ideal for more fragile hair system units because its gentle hold prevents damage caused by more aggressive tapes. This tape is one of the best hair products for daily use because it’s super easy to apply and clean up upon removal. 

1522 Tape is an industry favorite when it comes to hair products for hair systems. This hypoallergenic tape is made with medical-grade materials for sensitive skin. It’s known for its mild properties and easy cleanup, making it an excellent choice for daily-wear hair system clients. 

Daily Wear Liquid Adhesives

Sunshine Skin Safe Acrylic Adhesive is an easy-to-use daily wear option for system hair products that dry clear and offer a no-mess cleanup. This acrylic-based liquid adhesive is skin safe making it a popular choice for everyday wear clients looking for an option other than hair tape. 

Sunshine Skin Safe White Glue Daily is a thinner version of our White Glue Extended Wear liquid adhesive to accommodate those who want an adhesive for daily wear. This adhesive is water-based, non-flammable, and applied with a brush-on method. 

Sunshine Silicone Daily is a thinner version of our Silicone Extended Wear, perfect for daily wear clients. This high-quality medical-grade formula stays flexible when dry for a comfortable and natural wear.

Daily Wear Removers 

Sunshine Alcohol Remover is slower at breaking down adhesives but makes for an easy clean-up. The alcohol evaporates after removal, so there’s no oily residue to rinse away with this remover. This alcohol solution can also be used for prepping and cleaning the scalp before applying hair systems, which is useful for daily wear users.

Sunshine Oil Solvent is a fast-acting remover and a great alternative to our alcohol remover. Its gentle formula is ideal for delicate systems and clients looking for an alcohol-free remover. This remover is less oily than other oil-based removers to ensure a quick and fast drying cleanup.

Sunshine Citr-O-Sol is the perfect blend of citrus and oil for just the right balance of comfort and strength for removing hair system adhesives. This remover effectively eliminates all adhesive residue from the scalp and hair system without being too harsh—a huge plus for daily-use wearers. 

Daily Wear System Hair Products That Work

You only want the best for your hair system clients, and that includes the best hair products for daily use. The key to winning their loyalty is to recommend and use hair products for hair systems that deliver maximum performance results for your clients. 

Sunshine Tape always provides system hair products that do what they say they’ll do, and that’s our guarantee. Shop our online store for all of your hair products for everyday use and beyond!