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If you run your own salon or barber shop or work at one that has hair system clients, you’ve likely used your fair share of toupee tape. One of the things our customers at Sunshine Tape most often ask us is how to use hair tape efficiently and effectively! Our performance tapes are built to last, but you’ll need the right techniques mastered, so your clients have high performance hair systems that stay in place.

Wig and toupee tape is at the center of all we do, so we’ve come up with some top tips to help out our customers so they can provide the best service (and best hairpiece tape!) as they build their hair system clientele.

Prep for the Best Hairpiece Tape Hold 

It all starts with the prep! From getting the scalp and hair piece ready for application to proper storage of the toupee tape. It’s essential to follow these tips for prepping for the best hairpiece tape hold. 

You’ll want to make sure that the environment in which you store and apply performance tapes isn’t too hot or cold. Hair tapes can harden in the cold and melt in hot temperatures. Drastic temperature changes can affect the tape's overall performance. Always make sure you’re keeping things at room temperature (this is usually in a range around 70°F or 21°C) and away from direct sunlight. 

Another important factor to note is ensuring all surfaces and storage areas are in a well-ventilated area with clean air without a lot of dust. Dust and toupee tape is not a good combo and can affect the adhesive component come application time. Keeping hair tape out of extreme temps and having a clean slate to work with is key. Double-check expiration dates on hair system products, as this can affect their performance too!

Once your client has arrived, you’ll start the process of prepping their scalp for the hair system application. Start by washing your client's hair and scalp, then follow up with an alcohol remover to get rid of any leftover residue, dirt, and oil. Toupee tape is going to stick to whatever is leftover in the client’s hair or scalp, so this step is crucial! 

Now for the prep best-kept secret: skin prep spray! This spray is formulated to coat the scalp with a waterproof barrier to help prevent irritation from the toupee tape application. Add this step for a layer of protection and ultimate tape hold.

Apply Wig and Toupee Tape for Maximum Performance

After completing the prep, it’s time to apply the hair system with the chosen toupee tape for your client. Knowing the right steps to take will make all the difference in impressing your client and creating the best hold possible for their hair system tape. 

Always wear gloves when applying toupee tape. Your fingers can leave traces of oil and dirt on the surface of the tape adhesive. Avoid this entirely by wearing gloves so you won’t compromise the strength of the tape’s hold. Try not to touch the tape adhesive at all, even with gloves on, as it can affect the performance of the tape. 

Once you’re ready to apply the hair system to the client’s head, firmly place enough pressure to stick it effectively. Toupee tapes are pressure-sensitive adhesives, meaning you don’t need to add heat or water to make them stick. Using a moderate amount of pressure will help to activate the tape and ensure a strong and solid bond onto the client’s scalp.

Use Top Quality Hair System Performance Tapes

You can use the best tips and tricks in the book to apply hair system tape effectively, but without the best hairpiece tape, it’ll be difficult to get results that really stick. It’s so important to invest in quality toupee tape that’s affordable yet doesn’t lack in quality. That’s where Sunshine Tape comes in! 

If you’re looking for the best of the best hairpiece tapes, we have 13 different tape rolls to choose from, all with their unique qualities. Whether your client wants something that works for daily wear or a few weeks, you’ll find all of that here. We also have tapes for more sensitive skin types to ensure that all of your clients are comfortable and satisfied with their hair system experience. And once your client is ready to remove their hair system, our removers will get the job done.

To place your order, visit our website and stock up on all of the essentials for maximizing hair tape performance for your clients. If you have any questions about the tips provided or our hair tapes, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re here to be your hair system experts.