One of the best ways to apply hair systems for men is to use tape for hair. But not just any tape; you want to use only the best tape for hair systems! If you work with men’s hair systems professionally, you know how important it is to have hair tape that actually does what it says it will. That means high-quality tape for hair that builds your hair system clientele and keeps them coming back to your barber shop.  

So, what’s the best tape for hair systems? We’ve got the ultimate list of top-notch hair tape that we know your clients will love. Before we get into the list, we’ll go over some more information about hair systems and why the quality of tape for hair you choose is key to client satisfaction. Let’s get into it!   

What Is a Hair System? 

If you’re new to hair replacement systems and want to learn more, we’ve got you covered (pun intended!). Hair systems are also called hairpieces, toupees, or partial wigs. Hair systems for men are used to cover bald spots or the entire head to give that look of fuller hair. When a client invests in a hair system, they want to ensure the hairpiece blends in with their existing hair and looks natural. 

Part of getting the best application that looks and feels like their natural hair is using tape for hair that’s virtually invisible. This way, there’s no tape showing near the hairline or anywhere on the scalp. Most hair tape for hair systems goes on clear to be undetectable on the scalp. That’s why finding the best tape for hair systems is crucial for satisfied clients!  

The Best Tape for Hair Systems 

As you make those appointments for hair system applications, ensure you have the best tape for hair ready to go. Your clients expect professional results when they come to you for their hair needs. You’ll be able to deliver your expertise and get the results they’re looking for with these tapes!  

Super Lace Tape    

Does your client have a delicate lace base toupee? Our Super Lace Tape is ultra-strong yet gentle enough for lace bases. This tape is hypoallergenic and works well for clients that have sensitive skin. It’s made with medical-grade materials with a high tack. This tape will last for two to four weeks or longer!   

Sunshine Tape  

Our signature Sunshine Tape is a customer favorite! This tape is super easy to remove and is virtually undetectable on the scalp. With minimal residue, you won’t have to deal with stubborn stickiness left behind. The average hold time for this tape is from five days to two weeks, depending on how long your client wants to wear it.   

Hyper Hold Tape 

Need a long-lasting hold? Look no further than our Hyper Hold Tape, our most aggressive hold tape for hair. This tape can last three to four weeks, so your client only has to come in once a month for reapplication. If your client has a lace or mesh base, this tape will work well with a nice dull finish that blends in perfectly.   

1522 Tape   

Another excellent option for your sensitive skin clients, our 1522 Tape will be a new staple at your shop! This tape is made with a hypoallergenic adhesive that’s gentle on the scalp. This tape for hair is ideal for clients who want a daily hold option (though it does have a hold time of up to one week.) Clean-up is a breeze when removing this tape, with no sticky residue left behind!  

Lace Front Hold Tape   

Don’t let the blue color of our Lace Front Hold Tape fool you (that’s just the color of the liner!). The actual tape itself is transparent with a matte finish for a dull, non-shiny application. Clients can wear this tape for a maximum hold from two to four weeks. This tape is a great choice for more active clients with bacteria and odor-control properties.   

Stock Up on High-Quality Tape for Hair  

Not all hair tape is created equal! That’s why there’s such a wide range of tape for hair, with each client having different needs. Hair systems vary in base materials, which go best with specific hair tapes. Some clients want to wear their hair systems for weeks before removing while others prefer to take them off daily.  

Each hair tape has its own qualities that’ll fit your various clients. That’s why having a few different hair tapes on hand in your barber shop for your clients is recommended. This way, no client leaves due to a lack of tape for hair that works best for them! 

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