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When you provide services at your salon or barber shop for hair systems, there might be times you need to custom color a hair system for your client. This could be for various reasons, maybe they want to switch up their current look, or they ordered a hairpiece that doesn’t quite match their natural hair. In any case, dyeing a hair system is best left to professionals rather than your client trying to dye it at home, so encourage them to let you handle it if they ask. 

It's a good idea to inform your clients that if you dye or alter their hairpiece, wherever they purchased their hair system will usually void any warranty after cutting or dyeing the hair. Once they’re aware of this, you can dye hair systems that are made with human hair. If they have a synthetic hair system, advise them against attempting to dye these systems (plus, regular human hair dye won’t work on synthetic hair.) 

If you’ve never attempted dyeing a hair replacement system, there are some tips to keep in mind. We’ll walk you through the process of dyeing hair systems for men or women. Time to give your clients a fresh new look!  

How to Dye Hair Systems 

After you meet with your client about their hair system, you can get a better idea of the color they need. Ensure the color you choose most closely matches their natural hair color. Maybe they only want to add a few highlights or lowlights to make the system look more natural. Whatever the client is looking for, have that consultation first before beginning the prep and dyeing process.  

Follow these steps when dyeing your clients’ hair systems:  

Wash and Dry the Hair System 

Remove any excess dirt, oil, and build-up from the hair replacement system by washing it prior to dyeing. This allows for an allover, even and seamless blend of color in the hair system. If you have a client with a blonde hair system, you can use purple shampoo to remove to yellow tinge that could affect the final color. Ensure the hair system is fully dry before dyeing it using a towel or blow dryer.  

Protect the Hair System Base 

Ensure you don’t get any hair dye on the base or lace front of the hair replacement system. To avoid staining, you can spray a layer of hairspray inside of the hairpiece giving it time to harden and dry. Alternatively, you can also use hair gel or petroleum jelly to create a protective barrier to the hair dye.   

Choose and Mix the Hair Dye Color 

Before you start to mix your dye, choose a color that’s a few shades lighter than the desired result. With hair systems for men, the toupee or hairpiece may take up the color much easier than on a human head of hair. You can always go darker later, but stick with slightly lighter to be on the safe side.   

Dye a Small Test Strand 

Once you find the shade and mix the color, take a small piece of hair near the nape of the neck and test the dye first. That way, you can ensure you get the desired result before committing to dyeing the whole hairpiece that color. Hair systems are delicate, and you don’t want to dye them multiple times, so getting it right the first time is essential!  

Apply the Dye to the Hair System 

Ensure you’re wearing gloves and use a metal comb or brush to apply the dye onto the hair system. Start at the top of the hair system and work your way down around to the bottom. Be very careful to avoid getting dye on the base of the hair system. Wait for the hair to take the color in. Refer to your specific brand of hair dye instructions for the exact time.   

Rinse and Dry the Hair System  

After letting the dye fully set in, rinse the hair system in lukewarm water in the sink. Make sure the base is facing upwards so the water runs through it and doesn’t mix into and stain the base. Dry the hair system gently with a towel and let it air dry or blow dry. Add a leave-in conditioner to hydrate the strands for a silky soft finish.  

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