Do you work with hair system clients at your salon or barber shop? Chances are you’ve shopped for your fair share of hair tape for men! But how do you know which hair tape to buy? With so many options out there, it can be a challenge to figure out which toupee tape is best for your clients.  

The reality is that every client is different, so it’s important to have a range of toupee adhesive tapes on hand at all times. This way, you’re always prepared (when you stick with Sunshine Tape, you’ll have hair tape that works for all of your clients!) Next up, we’ll go over what to look for when deciding on the type of tape to buy, along with tips for the perfect application.  

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Hair Tape for Men 

With all of the various hair tapes, each one has its unique qualities and purpose. That’s why it’s important to take the time to understand which toupee tapes to stock up on for your clients. Each person that sits in your chair will have different skin types, hair systems, and preferences. It’s your job to figure out what tape you’ll need to have ready for each client who walks into the door! 

Consider these main details when buying toupee tape:  

Hold Time 

Generally, toupee tape will hold anywhere from one to four plus weeks. If the tape is labeled as “daily wear,” this is made for clients who like to take their hairpiece off daily or every one to two weeks. When the tape is described as “extended” or “maximum hold,” you can expect a hold time of two to four plus weeks. We recommend you have various options for your clients to choose from depending on their needs and preferences.   

Base Compatibility 

When shopping for toupee tape, the type of hair system base you’re working with plays a factor in the decision. For delicate lace bases, you’ll need a tape that’s made specifically for lace bases, like our Lace Front Hold Tape or Super Lace Tape. If it’s a polyurethane or skin base hair system, try out our 1522 Tape or Liberty Red Tape. And for monofilament bases, we recommend our Hyper Hold Tape or Quick Aggressive Tape.   


Think about the type of material you want the toupee adhesive tape to have. Most hair system users look for a no-shine, dull, and matte finish. This way, the hair tape easily blends underneath the hair system base without being obvious. It’s also important to look for high-quality tape that’s made with medical-grade materials and hypoallergenic ingredients (especially if you have allergies or sensitive skin!).   


When buying toupee tape, you’ll also want to consider the amount of residue each tape leaves behind. Each client will have their own preferences, so help them make the right decision! If a tape is considered high tack or has a more aggressive hold, this means it’ll typically leave behind more residue. This will require a longer removal and clean-up process compared to lower-tack tapes available. Take this into account when buying hair tape for your clients!  

How to Properly Apply Toupee Adhesive Tape 

Now that you know what to look for when applying hair tape, here’s how to apply toupee tape: 

  • Clean and prep your client’s scalp to get it ready for the toupee application.  
  • Use a skin prep spray to create a protective and waterproof barrier on the scalp.  
  • Cut the hair tape to the desired length and size based on your customer’s head.  
  • Peel off the backing and apply the tape along the perimeter in the shape of your client’s hair. 
  • Aim to stay about one inch behind the hairline and temples for a natural look. 
  • Position the toupee and roll it back across the perimeter of the scalp. 
  • Smooth out the hair system to ensure there are no wrinkles and it’s securely attached. 
  • Once in place, advise the client not to wash their hair for at least 24 hours. 

Pair the right type of tape with a perfect application, and you can’t go wrong with the hair system process!  

Find All Your Hair System Essentials With Sunshine Tape  

Having a variety of toupee tape options stocked at your barber shop or salon is the best way to keep your clients happy! Each client will have different hair systems and skin types and want varying hold times. That’s why it's crucial to look at toupee adhesive details like adhesive strength, base compatibility, material, and residue left behind. Each one of these factors plays a role in providing a top-notch application experience for your clients.   

Ready to stock up? Shop now for all of the hair tape you need and more hair system essentials with Sunshine Tape!