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Whether you work at a salon or barber shop with hair systems or you’re a hairpiece wearer yourself, there are a lot of things you need to know! From how to make a hair system look natural to what type of adhesive to use, you might need some extra guidance.  

We’re answering all of the FAQs about hair system maintenance and application that we get the most often. Both maintenance and application are essential parts of having a hair system (so they need to be done right!). Keep reading to get all of the details on all things hair systems ahead!   

Hair System Install Questions  

One of the most crucial aspects of wearing a hairpiece is the hair system install process. Getting this part right means the hair system will be comfortable to wear and blend into the natural hair.   

Which Adhesive Should I Use for the Best Hair System Results? 

This is totally based on personal preference and lifestyle. Test out different hair tapes and liquid adhesives to see what method you prefer. Some people find hair tape to be more convenient, and others prefer the feel of hair glue. If you’re not sure what type of adhesive to use, always start with a skin patch test. This will allow you to see if the skin becomes irritated with a specific type of hair tape and or liquid adhesive. 

How Do You Make a Hairpiece Look Natural? 

Start by finding a hair system that best matches your natural hair texture and color. Going with human hair rather than synthetic will provide the most natural look. When applying the hairpiece, pay close attention to the hairline to ensure the placement is correct. No shine and matte finish tape helps to blend in and stay virtually invisible on the scalp. Lastly, you can always custom-cut and color the toupee to blend it in perfectly without being detectable.   

Does Wearing a Toupee Make Hair Loss or Thinning Worse? 

No, as long as you have your hair system applied properly by a professional. Damage only occurs when applying the hairpiece and being too rough on the natural hair during the process. Find a professional stylist or barber who has experience with applying toupees, and you’ll be good to go!   

How Do You Fix Hair Tape That Won’t Stick Properly? 

First, always ensure the hair and scalp are properly cleaned without any oil, dirt, moisture, or build-up. All of those things can interfere with the tape and prevent it from sticking properly. Use an alcohol remover to get rid of any residue left behind on the scalp. Then, use a skin prep spray to create a waterproof layer on the scalp that adds a smooth base for adhesive application.   

Hair System Maintenance Questions  

Now that we’ve covered the hair system application, we’re moving on to how you take care of it! Proper hair system maintenance is important for the best hair system results.   

How Often Should I Wash My Hair System? 

Keeping your hairpiece clean is key, but overwashing can cause your hair system to dry out. Stick to washing it two to three times a week. Use cold to lukewarm water and a gentle shampoo and conditioner that’s safe for hairpieces.   

Can I Wear My Hairpiece While Swimming or Exercising? 

Yes! But wait at least 24 to 48 hours before either activity. You want to give the adhesive enough time to set before it gets wet, either from swimming or sweating. Wearing a swim cap will help keep your hair safe from chlorine or saltwater.   

How Do You Store a Toupee When Not in Use? 

Before you store your hair system, make sure it’s clean and fully dry to prevent mildew from forming. Choose a solid and sturdy storage container to keep your hairpiece intact and dust-free. Always keep the container away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.   

Can You Heat Style Hair Systems? 

While it’s okay to heat style a hair system, it shouldn’t be done daily. If you choose to use heated styling tools, always use a heat protectant and keep it on the lowest heat setting (this helps avoid damaging the hair system hair and the base). Use a leave-in conditioner afterward to keep the hair from getting dry or damaged.  

How Long Do Hair Systems Last? 

The average lifespan for hair systems is in the 6 to 10-month range when used on a daily basis. This is largely dependent on the quality of the hair and how well you maintain it. When you start to see the signs that your toupee needs replacing, it’s time for a new one.  

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