Wearing your toupee orwig for summer can be uncomfortable, thanks to humidity and sweat. If you want to keep cool and maintain your hair systems, there are a few ways you can adjust your toupee or wig to make wearing a hairpiece during the warmer months a more pleasant experience. Here are our bestsummer hair care tips!

Summer Hair Tips for Toupees and Wigs

Picking thebest summer wigsand toupees all comes down to personal preferences and how hot or humid the climate is where you live. Oursummer hair care tips below can help keep your scalp and your toupee orwig for summer fresh and flowing.

Try a Synthetic Hair System

If you usually wear a human hair system, summer is the perfect time to try switching it up. Human hair usually looks more natural, but it’s much heavier than synthetic hair. A synthetic wig for summer, made with lightweight fiber, can be two to three times lighter (and less sweat-inducing) than human hair.

That’s why synthetic hair systems make thebest summer wigs to help you maintain your style (and your cool) during hotter weather. In humidity, human hair systems can get greasy and frizzy. Luckily, synthetic hair has style memory, which means your style won’t fall flat just because of a bit of heat.

Keep the Styling Products to a Minimum

Looking for easysummer hair tips? It doesn’t get much simpler than this one – and you can start right now! Styling products (think mousse, gel, or hairspray) can weigh your hairpiece down and reduce its breathability, adding up to more heat retention. Go for more natural looks with fewer styling products during the summer months, or purchase a pre-styled synthetic wig so you don’t have to use any styling products at all. Super simple way to feel cool this summer!

If you absolutely have to use a product to maintain yourwig for summer, make an anti-humidity spray part of yoursummer hair essentials. These formulas help eliminate frizz caused by humidity and act like an antiperspirant to reduce sweat and odor within your hair system when it’s hot out.

Swap Out Darker Hair for Lighter Hair

It’s no secret that dark colors absorb and retain heat. The same goes for your hairpiece. Ride the going lighter for summer hair trend and swap your dark hair system for a lighter-coloredwig for summer; your new hair system will help you stay cooler under the sun’s sweltering rays.

If you’re hesitant to change your color entirely, moving just a few shades lighter than your go-to color can make your head feel much cooler in the heat.

Use Lightweight Application and Removal Products

Beyond the system itself, the products you use to apply your toupee or wig can also bring the heat in the summer. Using hypoallergenic and water-based, medical-grade adhesives means staying cool and irritation-free all season long.

Wear Your Hair in a Cool Summer Hairstyle

If you have a longer hair system, google“summer hairstyles 2022,” and you’ll get a ton of ideas for keeping your strands and your body temperature cool. Wearing your hair in a high ponytail, bun, or braid, for example, can easily help you cool and keep your hair system tangle-free. For a fun change, consider trying out awig for summer with a shorter style, like a bob or pixie cut, to keep you cool.

Those 2022 summer hairstyles will also benefit from adding a no-sweat liner to your hair system for extra breathability. These specific wig liners feature even more ventilation, so there’s more airflow. And sweat liners don’t just prevent sweat; they also stop sweat from getting into your wig cap.

Don’t Sweat It in Your Toupee orWig for Summer

Are you ready to feel cool for the summer?! Follow oursummer hair tips for hair systems, and you won’t be stressing about uncomfortable toupees or battling the effects of heat and humidity. And no matter what, always use the right adhesive to keep your scalp cool andwig for summer in place and secure. 

With Sunshine Tape, our adhesives ALWAYS stick and provide all-day comfort, even in these hot summer months. Choose from our wide variety of tapes or liquid adhesives to enjoy your toupee or wig this summer and beyond. Our shop has everything you need for your hair system applications and removals!